AirBnb Discriminatory Guidelines Are Discriminatory Against Trump Supporters

It is with a heavy and sad heart that I find myself in a quandary on the practices of AirBnb’s screening processes.

Recently, AirBnb unveiled its new roadmap to fight discrimination. The complaints were fueled in part by a Harvard Business School study that found that African-American guests on Airbnb were 16% less likely to be accepted than identical guests with distinctly white names. More recently, in a report commissioned by a former civil rights lawyer and ACLU veteran, the company admitted that it has a racism “problem” that it was too slow to address.

In response, Airbnb is now promising to: work to promote diversity within its workforce; encourage the use of the “instant booking” feature (allowing guests to book without prior host approval or screening); reduce the prominence of pictures on guests’ profiles in favor of more “objective,” reputation-enhancing information; expand anti-bias training for staff members; and provide emergency accommodation to anyone who’s been discriminated against.

However, Airbnb is protecting LIBERALS who can ask ” Are you a Trump Supporter”  This practice does not fall foul of their policies.  However, if you ask the question in reverse, ie ( Are You A Liberal? )  you are indeed discriminating against the person?  WTF

Check out this email thread between A Host, A Guest, and Airbnb




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