FreedomSoft Review

I bet by now you are one of the many people who received an email about FreedomSoft by Preston Ely.  I have been inundated with emails from information marketing gurus (who sold their souls to the devil)  about FreedomSoft.   I cringe at the hype about how wonderful, life changing this software is..  UGH!  Here we go again.

What you need to know before you buy FreedomSoft!


Many people have been asking me my opinion about FreedomSoft.  Rather then answering everyone’s email, I decided to make a blog post.

Lets look at :

  1. How FreedomSoft compares to other systems
  2. Is it  right for you?

This is the third release of FreesdomSoft.  The second version was called FreedomSoft Reloaded.  It was a release that included new features that should have been included in the original version.  Preston Ely originally sold the websites  between one thousand to three thousand dollars. What I find shocking is that now it is selling it for only $97 dollars a month.  I think Preston’s crew has no integrity to do this price after charging so much money the first time. It also tells me that no one will buy it at the higher price, and they are only looking for monthly residual income without having to work themselves.


FreedomSoft will not and will never do deals for you!

FACT:  Its not about a having a website or any software for that matter.  There is NO magic pill. There is NO “Done For You” system in the world. If that was the case, then EVERY one of their customers would be getting checks monthly. (which is not the case).   A website by itself is as good as the person who is MARKETING to get leads and taking action to do deals.  If you think that by simply buying FreedomSoft and cash will start coming to you.. you are dreaming!

FreedomSoft is just one more website system that is similar to many others in the marketplace. (OpenRoad 3x, SuperSmart, Real Investor, Real Estate Web Profits)  I think that Preston’s crew copied what others are doing and simply put better marketing hype into place.  Ok, so there is nothing wrong with that.. They do say that copying is the best form of flattery. I just have an issue with the claims  they make are misleading.

TRUTH: If you don’t take action and do the  work to get a deal, you just handed your hard earned cash to Preston bank account.

Think about how many courses you already have already bought with good intentions to do something, … and never did.  FreedomSoft is not going to be any different!  Do NOT buy this if you are not going to work, or do any marketing for leads!   You already have enough education to get a deal. Go out and DO IT Now!


1. If you have a website or system already, NO

2. If you buy courses that you do not use, NO

3. If you want to be spammed every day to buy something else, NO!

4. If you are a “newbie” and just starting out, and have nothing in place, Sure. give it a try. (Though I would look at the other systems out there that  have more features and functionality without the B/S.

5. If you have the get rich quick mentality and don’t want to work . Then do not by FreedomSoft
My recommendation is REALFLOW – Check it out here for a Free 30 day Trial. 

Duncan Wierman

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