Day 7 – Voice Blasting and Text Blasting

This method is very inexpensive and simple to do. Its done using the latest online voice blasting services. I call it “Dialing for Dollars”.  Are you willing to do this to make 3 – 5 K this weekend?

The Process

1. Do a Search for houses for sale by owner.   Once you have all re results back, check off the ones you want to go after.   Then press the export button to get the spreadsheet from the Online lead finder.  It saves it automatically in CSV file format.

2.  You will need to send the exported file to your virtual assistant to enter the captch code information so the telephone number can be seen.  She will copy and paste this number back into the spreadsheet.

3. Upload that file into your account.   The cost per call made will be only three cents!

3. Record your message (script below) and then tell the system which voice file to which spreadsheet.

4. Then simply press dial and watch all the numbers being called at once. This will save you hours of time and also weed through unmotivated sellers. You can also use  the same system to notify your hungry buyers when you have new houses available.

Like many other marketing techniques—it’s a numbers game. Each call you make that is a bust gets you that much closer to the one where you hit the jackpot.

TWO DAYS LATER:    Instead of another voice blast, this time I opt for an SMS TEXT campaign, and send them the same message but of course this time, its a text.

The basic script I use when sending Voice blast and SMS text message is:    “Hi,  It’s “Your name” calling… I just wanted to follow up about the offer I sent you a few days ago about your house for sale.  Please let me know.  Thanks… Name, Phone Number.

Wash , Rinse , Repeat.  It’s only three dollars per 100 calls, so start making more calls!

Here’s a hot idea:

Call the classified ads under Houses (NOT apartments!) for Rent (NOT for Sale!) Think about it. Someone who owns a vacant house is running each one of those ads. And there’s an excellent chance that (when the idea is presented to them) that they would love to sell that pain-in-the-neck house.

If you’ve ever been a landlord, you know that if your property is sitting vacant that’s the point at which you’d be willing–if not desperate–to sell. I do this, and it works.

So, if you have the grit to make cold calls, calling the “Houses for Rent” ads is the most effective use of the Classifieds when you’re buying because these individuals are motivated. And if you’re not working with motivated sellers, you won’t be in the business long…

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