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Effective Direct Mail Marketing Techniques

4 Steps to a Deal in 30 days – Direct Mail and Great Leads

Today’s post purpose is to take you through the process of getting a wholesale deal from start to finish. The dream to “flip” (quick-turn) houses full time has become a reality! To the chosen few who understand that to be successful, they must take four steps to make this business work. I will reveal you how easy real estate investing is by following this 4-step “recipe” . My strategy has been proven to work time and time again. Please follow the recipe exactly as outlined below: The trick to the business of real estate investing is two-fold:


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How to Market to Motivated Sellers and Hungry Buyers

Solid communication is very essentially a key to the door of success in all aspects of your life. It’s accepted that in order to reach as many good clients as possible, every business, large or small requires establishing a well thought out marketing plan. There are as many ways for marketing your products. Just to mention the most general categories are Internet/web, radio/TV, print ads (magazines, newspapers, industry journals, etc), and other direct mail (postcards, flyers, etc). There are few specific techniques and methods, which applies to each of these methods, with different “tweaks” that would be employed for each type of business or any product. Still, there are few basic concepts behind marketing, which always apply, regardless of the company type or marketing method. Take a wise look at these established “do’s and don’ts” list. There are perhaps at least a few tips given below that you could incorporate into your business practice immediately to increase your real estate marketing. Continue reading How to Market to Motivated Sellers and Hungry Buyers

6 Easy-To-Do Action Steps to Get Increased Response from Your Direct Marketing Campaigns

I think it really goes without saying that direct mail marketing is a powerful marketing tool for finding sellers who are motivated. When you combine direct mail marketing with the internet, response rates increase significantly. It’s important to provide quality information in the content of your marketing material, rather than just a simple “I buy houses” approach. Especially if you’re targeting pre-foreclosure, tax liens or any other type of list that will likely have sellers getting barraged with “we buy houses” letters. Offer them exclusive time sensitive information on your website to start sorting the leads.

Try sending frequent mailings to your prospects that provide your website links to quality information that is beneficial to the seller, and provides information on how they can find help out of their situation.

Sending repeat mailings with this type if information will help you to.…

  1. Establish your credibility
  2. Develop a reputation as an industry expert

  3. Cultivate a relationship with your prospects

  4. Inspire loyalty

  5. And maintain regular contact

The big mistake I see a lot of investors making is thinking that simply sending a single letter to a list of prospects — and then forgetting about it — is going to attract sellers by the thousands. Even if your list is highly targeted, this is going to produce disappointing results.

You need to be prepared to send a minimum of three mailings to each list. You will get much better results sending multiple letters to a smaller list, than a single letter to a larger list. If budget is an issue, then sending three post cards to a list is better than sending one letter.

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Easy Skip Tracing – Where Did They Go?

How many times have you come across vacant properties, that you can not find the owner? Last week I heard of a very simple and effective way to get a forwarding address. It all started when I was in the post office. I overheard a conversation with the postmaster a customer was having. This person who was speaking to the postmaster wanted to to find someone who owed him money and he wasn’t having a lot of luck. He knew that the person had moved to another city, but that was all he knew. He had originally tried getting the post master to get the forwarding address, but the post office informed him that they would only release a forwarding address to a law enforcement officer, licensed private investigator or under court order. BUT the post master had a better solution… To get a forwarding address you simply have to send the person a letter and include the following clearly below the return address:

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Enjoy huge profits buying discounted properties from willing sellers with little or no competition

Usually unlisted, these gems are overlooked by the general public. If you’d like to buy real estate investments at 25 to 40 % under market, no competition, many deals to choose from and deal directly with the seller, then this might be the most important list resource you will ever need to do beat the competition in your area to do deals.

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Tweaking Traditional Marketing and How to Save a Fortune

Real Estate Postcard Marketing: Postcards + Website = Leads

These days an internet marketing strategy plays a vital part of small business marketing strategies (or any size business marketing strategies for that matter). Web site marketing is an important part of just about any business, small or large.

You can’t put up a beautiful (or any) web site and hope that people will just arrive. You have to let them know, IN EVERY POSSIBLE WAY, that your web site is there. This HAS to be part of any Internet marketing strategy you develop. This is actually a basic marketing principle. Customers are not going to look for you, you have to look for them.

Promoting your web site on-line and building traffic is the subject of thousands of web sites, e-zines, books, courses and seminars. Using the web to promote your site, however, assumes that your customers are surfers. But there is a large percentage of our population that is not as savvy with the internet as we would like them to be.

So, what about the large percentages of the population who are not? They will only find out about you through traditional marketing and public relations media. This is particularly true if you serve a fairly local market. Fortunately these are the easiest and cheapest prospects for you to reach off-line.

Key Off-Line Internet Marketing Strategies
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