5 Myths of Online Real Estate Lead Generation Marketing

Looking for information about online real estate lead generation can turn up a minefield of totally inappropriate rubbish. Unfortunately, this becomes like looking for a needle in a haystack. Are you are a real estate investor and have you reached a dead end in lead generation? Where do you go from here? Contrary to popular belief, the most important person in lead generation is you! You are your business and you have to get out there and sell yourself – your whole business does not revolve around the internet. Yes, it helps you and spreads your presence, but nothing will ever replace the personal touch.

Myth No 1: You need an Expensive Flashy Website

Whether you have a website or not is not going to matter if you cannot keep and nurture any returning clients. Personal involvement is of prime importance! Clients know that without them your business would fold like a house of cards (excuse the pun!). With no clear idea of how you can generate leads for real estate, even the best online marketing site in the world will get you nowhere! Have a clear picture in your mind of who your target market is and then look after them, reassure them that they doing the right thing all the time. Never lose sight of the personal touch and face to face interaction with your clients.

Myth No 2: More traffic means more Profits

More traffic to your website is all well and good, but what happens then – Do people read the articles? Do they sign up for newsletters? Do they want more information?   I bet you they don’t want anything – they were not interested enough to stop for long enough because you have no personal details on the site – no photograph – no feel good invitation that makes them want to call you. They will never come back again and they will never be clients of yours. When you increase traffic to your website, you have to have a plan for it – how are you going to turn these potential new prospects into a closed deal? Redesign your website. Have a response page. Become interactive, have discussion forums. Ask some friends to be part of a test group and see how that turns out.

Myth No 3: Bigger is Better when Building your Client List

Quality over quantity is vastly more helpful and more important than having a list of 1,000 “lookey lou” buyers that simply don’t have the capital to invest in real estate. You have to make sure that you have serious minded clients who do have cash available which they can invest now. Make plans with associated businesses to host an seminars, webinars, workshop in return for one of their good responsive lists. Acquiring names through giveaways of other people’s material does not guarantee you a good client base. You want people committed to investing in property, who at least have some interest in real estate.

Myth No 4: Good Copy writing will bring in lots of Sales

Potential clients visiting your web site might really enjoy reading all your notes and ideas, but they move on, looking for meatier matters where they can trust their money is in good hands. You are not selling a TV set on a game show. You are selling yourself as someone safe and reliable who knows how to look after their money, and who also knows how to earn more money for them. Again, there is no substitute for the personal touch. Have a video of yourself welcoming them to your site – they can see what you look like, they can hear your voice. All these psychological things work on them subconsciously, and without them knowing it, they will be drawn into your site and filling out all response forms.

Myth No 5: There is no Easy DONE FOR YOU Formula for Selling Anything

You simply have to knuckle down and work, work, work! No one said life would be easy or fair, and besides, hard work builds character! The old time tested way of keeping loyal clients still applies today: build a relationship, get to know more people, host discussion groups, talk to people in the industry, get your name known as a leader in your field, – all of this contributes to clients remaining loyal to you and your company.

In the real estate investing world, as with any other business, there is no way to make a quick buck. Dont believe all the hype from guru sales pitches. If it seems to good to be true, it usually is!

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