Bank Loan and Grant Company Scams – Beware

How to Get Business Credit and Government Grants Exposed!

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Regardless of whether your business is 1 hour old or 10 years old, every business can qualify to get up to $50,000 in loans and up to $250,000 in grants.  Notice I said “UP TO” and not a set amount. The biggest scam going are companies wanting to charge you money “to help you” get a loan!  What a load of crap!

Businesses get declined for loans or grants because they fail to do the things necessary to prove their business is strong, vibrant and resilient to the dynamic economic strains.   Many business owner turn to  their attorney or a tax professional to to the necessary things to help them get funding. However these people usually charge excessive fees that can be  in excess of $10,000.

If your business is one of the lucky ones that can afford to pay those excessive fees, you still lose up to 45% to lending brokers that charge you back-end  fees, not to mention an excessive application fees!  So in the end they don’t care if you get funded or not.  It’s a  big $$$ business because they smell desperation. Whether you get funded or not, they laugh all the way to the bank while you are left holding the bill!


For instance an attorney wanted to charge on of my students $1500 – $2500 to do their business plan!  Are you kidding me?!!!  If you click here you will see that this software can do the same thing for less than $200.  Not only was the business plan and executive summary done professionally, but this software does it in a way that was readily lender compliant. Right off the bat my student just saved themselves $1000!

Banks are all about risk management and as a business owner you should ask yourself what can I do to eliminate as much exposure to risk for banks?  I mean think about the number of businesses going to banks begging for loans – do you appear more or less of a credit risk?  I mean just getting a business plan these days won’t get you anything, but it’s a combination of things put together.

So what I recommended to my student was to create a second website that was specifically targeting lenders SPECIFICALLY with information we thought banks would want to see.  For instance if you click here, you will see the company I recommend where they got their website done and hosted.  This is great because it only cost $20 and you are  up and running in MINUTES!!  A web developer out of India could charge you $10 an hour and they probably will tell you that it takes about 40 hours to do – Riggggght!  They must believe you have  sucker written all over your head!

See the problem really is that banks when they decline you, that they don’t give you a specific reason as to why.  Have you noticed that?  All they say is something along the lines of “Thank you for your application, but sorry we can’t approve you at this time”.

I just found out WHY!  They are avoiding liability.  Luckily I have a friend and she works in the credit division of Wells Fargo and you know what she told me?   I hope you’re sitting down for this!  She said the first thing they check is to see if the business is ranked on the 1st page of Google!   I was flabbergasted, to say the least.  She explained because if they are not on the 1st page, then it’s obvious they are not getting a lot of customers.

This brings me to my next point.

There are 1000’s of SEO people and companies, I know I get calls and spam mail from them all the time each wanting between $500 – $1500 A MONTH! WOW!   I want to tell you that this is also a scam. Who are these people with non domain name email addresses?   I digress,  Just because you could pay one company more than the other does not make it a better company to use.    My advice to you is as  long as you are on page one, who cares what company you use. ( *** Do not do pay-per-click marketing ***).

I wanted to pass on to you the three companies that she has seen that are fast-tracking the funding for businesses. You want a huge shock?   Take look at the prices these guys charge in comparison.  These are the VERY SAME ONES other businesses used to help get  funded with:

See how easy it is?  Even if you don’t have the time to do it yourself, just pay someone from your office $8 an hour!  They just need to spend 4-6 hours a month… and I found out one SEO company that is charging $800 is using 1st Page Google Rank Robot system, lol.  So what he basically does is sells the service to you and pays them and then charges you $800 a month and asks you to sign a 12 month contract too.

I know it’s a dizzying prospect to go for a loan or grant; I know you feel you need to hire someone to do all these things for you because you are worried you might screw it up.  So what?  I mean even if you don’t get a loan or grant, you are still better off because by doing these things you save valuable money, you are not just another customer of theirs since you are your own customer and you ARE in control of your own company.  Just whatever happens, don’t let them scam you in with promises they have no control over.

Also this research and information that I worked hard to find so I could give it to you took a lot of time, energy and research.

Good luck and God speed!

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