Beta Testers Feedback

Just to give you a little feedback on how long and why it took me to come up with this course.

The very first year I started investing in real estate , I made a goal to do 50 house . Well I did 77 houses

People kept asking me how I did all this from home.. I started with personal help and mentoring…

I dont like to write, so it took me over 1 year to put it down and reveal all my secrets…

The course went into a beta test mode for 8 months with 100 different people..

Here are just a few of commments from people who utilize my system ( recent posted on a competators forum)


Duncan Wierman`s course???
Date: April 02, 2008 06:19PM

Has anyone purchased Duncan Wierman course(Making Millions Buying and Selling Realestate using the Internet)? If so…what is your opinion.

Thank You

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Duncan Wierman? I dig him.
Posted by: SoCalGal (IP Logged)
Date: April 04, 2008 07:12PM
The only “complaint” I have about Duncan Wierman’s course is that he provides TOO MANY high quality strategies to put into play. Of course, one need not implement them all but, if you’re highly motivated, you can rely on Duncan to bring you the most cutting edge strategies out there. I sometimes wonder how he finds time to sleep.

Another thing I appreciate about Duncan is that he presents his ideas with NO HYPE! Don’t you get weary of the breathless manner in which real estate investment gurus pitch their stuff? I know I do, but Duncan’s ideas bear none of that. Just solid, executable ideas.

I wish I had found Duncan before I spent (literally) thousands on other gurus’ mind-blowing “systems.” Start with Duncan’s ideas, execute them, and that’s all you need.

Just my opinion, of course. 🙂


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Re: Duncan Wierman`s course???
Posted by: webbkr (IP Logged)
Date: April 04, 2008 07:18PM
In response to the question about Duncan Wierman’s course. yes, I bought it and it’s been one of the wisest decisions I’ve made in regard to buying real-estate-related education. You will not find Duncan’s material being taught anywhere else. His site has more RE-related tips/tricks/techniques than you will find anywhere else.

I don’t know where he gets his resources, but I have been truly TRULY AMAZED for the 6 months I’ve been a subscriber…it’s worth 10 times the asking price!

In case anyone wondered, I do not receive any compensation from nor do I have any financial interest in Mr. Wierman’s site.



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Re: Duncan Wierman`s course???
Posted by: simon (IP Logged)
Date: April 04, 2008 07:53PM
What Duncan presents in his course is very unique.  It is not the same old boring crap that most self proclaimed Real Estate Guru preach. Duncan’s approach to real estate appeals to me particularly since I
come from an engineering background. Some of the stuff his teaches maybe to technical for some but there is something for everyone.  Yeah Craigslist and Ebay almost every real estate guy knows something about that but there are many other things you can do with the Internet, Duncan unveils many unique ideas to the real estate world.

I am very pleased with the information and support I receive.




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Re: Duncan Wierman`s course???
Posted by: (IP Logged)
Date: April 04, 2008 09:39PM

Duncan rocks! He provides cutting edge marketing matterial for real estate investors, or anyone looking to increase traffic to their websites.



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Re: Duncan Wierman`s course???
Posted by: Gena Foster (IP Logged)
Date: April 04, 2008 11:47PM
I bought Duncan’s program, and it is the best money I spent, I love all the info he gives, I get emails daily, I have direct contact to him if needed and he gives me so much stuff I can’t keep up with it all. I rave to everyone about him.


Re: Duncan Wierman`s course???
Posted by: Ocean (IP Logged)
Date: April 05, 2008 12:52AM
 I have recently purchased Duncan’s course and just starting out with a “personalized” outline from Duncan himself and it is already making a tremendous difference in our business.

The very first operation to put our website on the search engines created a 500% increase in feedback to our website’s questionnaire and responding to our services offered. I am continuing to progress with marketing through the internet, under Duncan’s great contributions. I am constantly amazed that there is so many resources available with his course, these alone are worth twice the price of the course.

To respond to anyone interested in purchasing Duncan Wierman’s course, I would highly recommend it for those who want expand their internet presence. If you would like to contact me personally, please contact me toll free at Trust One Solutions at 866-691-7658.


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Re: Duncan Wierman`s course???
Posted by: JDF250 (IP Logged)
Date: April 05, 2008 06:06AM

I’m always skeptical before I buy a training package and am often at least a little bit disappointed. Not so with Duncan’s course. I agree with all the other positive posts. Duncan is a very sharp guy who is selling his experience at a really inexpensive price. It’s not just repackaged stuff but real, usable material. I’ve spent thousands elsewhere and his information is vast and high quality. Wish I had found him first. And No, I don’t receive any compensation from him. I just like to support the guys that are the real deal.


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Re: Duncan Wierman`s course???
Posted by: Lon Peper (IP Logged)
Date: April 05, 2008 10:27AM

I also wish I had known about Duncan’s course before I had spent several thousand dollars on a mentorship with another national real estate expert and speaker. The mentor I hired is so busy that if I have a question, it may be several days later before I get a response, and I may need my question answered the same day. Duncan answers on the same day 99% of the time. The only exception is when out of contact on a cruise or something like that.

His course covers so much more than Ebay and Craigslist. He puts videos together where you watch and listen to him find leads, build your buyers list, find private lenders and more on the net by using government websites, social networks, bookmarking websites and much much more.

When you get emails from Duncan, the information is very useful and you better look at it very soon as you may have only 1, 2 or 3 days to follow a link to free software or other good information that is only available for a limited time. I know, because I missed out on one of these because I waited too long.


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Re: Duncan Wierman`s course???
Posted by: Patrick Henry (IP Logged)
Date: April 05, 2008 01:52PM


thumbs downspinning smiley sticking its tongue out
Yeah, I’ve been subscribing to Duncan’s program since I met him at a local seminar here in Portland last year.

I’m a relatively new investor, but I get a LOT of stuff off the internet from many different sources. I’ve purchased courses, joined training and coaching programs, gotten freebies and introductory offers from dozens of people, and I have to say that Duncan’s program is TOP DRAWER in my book.

His material is constantly updated new stuff, cutting-edge information that isn’t available in most of the courses. He does provide the basics as well, because newbies like me need that too, but there’s plenty of material for the advanced folks too. Marketing is his primary focus. Somebody said they didn’t know where he gets the info, but I think he has a huge network of folks who send him tips on new things they come across. I’ve sent in a couple myself. And knowing Duncan, who is really big on networking, I can imagine that there is probably very little under the sun that he doesn’t get notified of.

I should also mention that Duncan is very prompt in responding to questions about his material and issues that come up in implimenting the techniques. And he provides not only information, but lots of free software that can be used in one’s real estate business.

I print out Duncan’s materials and study it like a manual, using a felt-tip pen to highlight certain passages for emphasis. I highly recommend this program…

Patrick Henry (
Portland, OR


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Re: Duncan Wierman`s course???
Posted by: Jessie (IP Logged)
Date: April 05, 2008 01:54PM

Money well spend on this course. I wish I had an opportunity to purchase this course many moons ago. Never too late; I am delighted to save so much money marketing.
Thank you


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Re: Duncan Wierman`s course???
Posted by: Tom Cooke (IP Logged)
Date: April 05, 2008 04:06PM
I’m currently working with Duncan to optimize my websites and become a PRO on-line marketer. Duncan’s course is full of immediately actionable strategies that will drastically increase your chances of attracting motivated sellers and hungry investor buyers to your business and differentiate you from other’s in the marketplace. I can honestly say that his content is PHD quality and his curriculum is easy to follow. He’s also just a great person in general, who has a high level of integrity and is very generous with his time – always a positive trait in any mentor.


Re: Duncan Wierman`s course???
Posted by: Sue (IP Logged)
Date: April 05, 2008 09:29PM

I bought it 4 months ago. It offers more than any course I have purchased to date, I have spent thousands too. I wish I would have had this first. It amazes me how much information there is. I don’t know where he finds his time, he must be super organized. It is a little too technical for me right now but I hope to understand all of it sometime soon.  He is a really down to earth person and very nice.
Thanks Duncan,
Sue and Cliff


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Re: Duncan Wierman`s course???
Posted by: JDF250 (IP Logged)
Date: April 06, 2008 05:24PM
Those that have worked with him know he’s more than just another repackaged ebay and craigslist guy. And with him, you get his time as well, not just the course. It’s refreshing in the midst of so many others that don’t give you that level of service. That’s why there was such a positive response from so many. Just trying to help people make progress without wasting their time and money like I did on other lesser quality courses and seminars. I think the money I spent on his course is probably about the best money I’ve spent on this business thus far. Sorry that it sounds like a commercial. smiling smiley