Bob Diamond – Commercial Master Lease And Wholesaling Course Review

I fully investigated Bob L. Diamond (the creator of the product) and also did a full review of his entire course.  Actually Bob spent 2 hours on the phone with me going through all of my questions, and verifying everything.   So…. Today at noon eastern time, you will have the opportunity to learn about what Bob Diamond has been doing in the world of Commercial Real Estate as an investor and how he can help you.


Who is Bob L. Diamond?

Bob is a practicing real estate attorney, real estate developer, and published author of three books on foreclosure investing. Bob has appeared on FOX, NBC, or CNBC and has own real estate radio show.

Bob L. Diamond graduated from Villanova University in Finance and Temple law school, then started his real estate career in 1991 as the manager of a Bank REO  department and oversaw disposing of these properties. While at Meridian Mortgage, he was modifying loans before anyone even coined the phrase back in the 1990’s, most importantly he learned about how banks really work.

Bob L. Diamond then attended Temple Law School earning a number of negotiating contests while in law school. In 1993 upon graduation from Temple Law school he started practicing law with Rolf Marsh in Media PA. Bob quickly gained a reputation for litigation and negotiation and was recruited by Cozen O’Connor’s real estate law practice. Cozen O’Connor is one of the 100 largest law firms in the US and has over 500 attorneys Bob gained valuable training and insight during his time at Cozen and handled many large banks and portfolios of assets.

Over the past 20 years, Bob has personally been involved in the negotiation of over $100M in real estate transactions as counsel, advisor, investor or agent. His investments cover both commercial and residential real estate using advanced real estate investing techniques including buying discounted liens, notes and judgments, buying out of bankruptcy, short sales, taking under and subject to, straight equity purchases, multi-units and condo conversions.

Bob is the Managing Attorney for the Diamond Law Center and oversees the screening and performance of our network of national loan modification attorneys.

Commercial Real Estate Investing With Bob L. Diamond.

I am really impressed with his course and how Bob L. Diamond does commercial investing.  Bob course is made up of a very comprehensive book, videos, workbooks, software, and a members area for coaching calls.  Bob shows how anyone can get started, taking you step by step through the process to get your first deal under contract.

I don’t even know what to say about his video  (other than you NEED to watch it right now )

Watch This –>

Why watch this Bob L. Diamond Video on Commercial Investing?

Because you’re about to learn about a super-lucrative  “little known” niche in Real Estate and you’ll see how you can make SIX FIGURES on just ONE (1)  deal in this HIGHLY profitable niche (that just about everyone else is afraid of).

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I give you my personal recommendation to Bob L. Diamond

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