Want More Checks In Your Real Estate Business?

Much of the success I have experienced in real estate investing can be traced back a simple lesson found in most real estate courses.  That lesson is that to become successful in the real estate investing business you need to make a lot of offers.  Offers that if accepted will allow you to realize a profit great enough to pay you back for the time and money you have invested.

But how many offers should an investor expect to make in order to get one good deal.  My answer is thirty! Why thirty?  There is nothing magic about that number.  Your number might be thirty five or twenty five or even twenty depending on your experience.

The point is that if you are only making two or three offers and getting a deal-you are simply paying too much for your deals.  You should expect to get some real rejection to a few of your offers but there will also be some people who will be happy to sell you there problems for what you are offering.

Well then you ask – “How much should I offer in order to purchase a one of these great deals? “

My Rapid Offer Generator has a the ability to FIND, ANALYZE and MAKE HUNDREDS of offers in minutes.   Plus it has a  $1 dollar trial for Seven days if you want to check it out.  This software also allows me to adjust my offers in order to always realize the greatest profit for the deals I purchase and keep track of the deals accordingly.

If you want to be a successful real estate investor-“make offers-make offers-make offers” and don’t be concerned when most get rejected.  You only need to have about one out of thirty accepted to become very successful in this business.

Check it out www.RapidOfferGenerator.com

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