Caution: What Ben Bernanke Said And Why It Matters A Lot To Real Estate Investors

Are you ready for the Great Inflation?

If you do it, you go to jail for years and years.

If the private organization known as the Fed does it, then it’s okay.  I’m talking about counterfeiting, or otherwise  known as “stimulus.”

Berneke just laid out the plan for more counterfeiting. 

Just wait until the next stock market drop of  10% or some other economic “event” and we’ll see it.  Heck, we’re seeing it now. The money supply is growing rapidly.  But the money that is being printed is going into inflation of assets.

Believe it or not, the big beneficiary of the Great Inflation that we’re starting to see is apartment buildings.  Just when everyone is writing off real estate and saying it won’t come back…it’s coming back.


1. More people renting. 

Historically about 65% or so of adults own, and the rest rent. That number went to 70% ownership and is now coming back down to the 65% level. That 5% is 15 million people. That’s a lot of new renters!

2. The “govmint” loves apartment buildings because almost all wealthy Americans invest their money there. And the “govmint is made for the wealthy, let’s face it.

3. You can shelter your income with apartment buildings.

4. You can borrow at 3% to buy apartment buildings, non-recourse. Using gubmint backed loans. Like I said, gubmint *loves* apartment buildings.

5. You can trade up, start small, start with a zero down deal, and then trade up to a larger number of units, without paying taxes.

These are all reasons you can benefit from the great inflation. But you have to do something first. You have to get educated and take the action step.  Don’t get stuck out in the cold. The Great Inflation is creeping up on us.  We will be seeing inflation that nobody can imagine today. The Gell-Dog was right in 2005. I sold all my real estate then.

I’m telling you now that there is massive inflation ahead of us, and we’re in it already just like a hurricane coming up…the  ocean is getting a bit breezy.

So how to benefit? 

You can buy gold, and I recommend it, but if you want to produce income, you will get into apartment investing.  Apartments are going to zoom up in price and they can be bought for next to nothing down.

So now watch this video and I’ll be announcing  a VERY important event in the next day or so.

Click here for the NEW video on how to get into multifamily to benefit from the great inflation ahead

Are you ready to take the challenge?  Really start to build passive money for you and your children? This video spells out the best way to do this, even if you’re starting with zero now:

Click here for the NEW video on how to get into multifamily to benefit from the great inflation ahead


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