Commando Lead System Review – Honest and Open – BEWARE – LIES

david Corbaley Command Lead System ReviewI recently came across “The Commando Lead System” product hype by David Corbarley.   I was curious when anything new that comes across my desk that is promising leads, a “secret strategy” using a  new technology.  Sadly I was disappointed.

In his opening video, he says you don’t need a website, yet in his presentation he shows a screenshot of his his website with 431 visits.   However he did not break this down into unique visits, or more detailed traffic stats to show that he did not create his own traffic.  He did not even show how many leads he got from 431 visits.  Red Flag #1

To make the statement that you do not need a website in this day an age anyway is pure stupidity.  Most people will go and check out who you are by clicking on a link or an advert before picking up the phone to call you.   Red Flag #2

The course is simply a mix of different marketing tasks that are easily found in $10 eb00ks.   There is NO technology, NO secret sauce.  I do agree that you can get leads using these marketing methods, but you simply cannot get them in minutes.  If he was honest,  his sales pitch would reflect this.  Since he made these claims,  I want to see proof from the time  he uploaded a video on Youtube  to the time he that he got 5 leads.  Red Flag # 3

Many modules deal with PayPer Click advertising on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Facebook.  Anyone using PayPerClick marketing must have a large budget to get the Search engines attention to start showing your advert in 15 minutes.   Pay Per click advertising takes time to work.  Ok, you could get lucky, but be prepared to spend a few hundred to a few thousand dollars to do it correctly.   Red Flag #4

I agree that the marketing tasks in the course can help improve your lead flow eventually as any smart marketer knows that the more content  and advertising  you put online should have an effect sometime.

 To him to say this course is worth $3,000 is laughable.  But wait, if you order it today its only $97 .

  • Try and exit from the page, and he lowers the price by 31%    Red Flag #5
  • Try and exit once more, and his gives you access to a free video about linking sites together.  This video requires your email address.  Now you are in the sales funnel for more products to be sold to you.

Good thing there is a money back guarantee.

I see this marketing message as a money grab if not a email address grab to sell you more product.  Be prepared to get his offer  to get you into his  coaching program for $10,000.

UPDATE Dec 24/13


It has been said that David Corbarley has not done real estate in quite some time.  If you research him he was also in trouble with the US attorneys general office (do your research to verify) for doing loan mods.

AND its also alledged  that someone  loaned him 3k about a year ago and he says he cannot pay him back or maybe he is not willing to…  In his webinar (promoted by Susan Lassiter Lyons) he said he was a millionaire real estate investor and had leads coming into his inbox every morning when he woke up.  This LAUNCH PRODUCT  is pure crap.



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