Commercial and Multifamily Investing TRUTH – Don’t believe the hype!

Today I received an email from a real estate  investor interested in MultiFamily Investing

Hello Duncan,

I have one question to ask. Please help me understand.  I get emails from some of the biggest names in the Commercial Investing Arena on a constant basis. The thing I don’t understand is that they all seem to be saying A DIFFERENT message.

  •  One says that the market is stabilizing and that owner financing is just about dried up.
  •  Another says that Commercial Lenders are starting to lend again therefore reducing the need for private lenders.
  •  Another says that there is Trillions of Commercial Debt coming due in the coming years ( If that is the case you will not only have distressed assets but distressed owners).
  • Another says that distressed assets are almost a thing of the past because of the high market place activity combined with all of the available options for Commercial Owners to utilize.
  • Then there are those that say that Multifamily deals are being scooped up at a rate that’s hard to keep up.

Duncan, what is the TRUTH? What is the real story? It’s enough to make you scream ( that’s coming from a man’s mouth)! Is there still any strategic leverage left for potential investors or is all of this just smoke up an investor’s #@%$!

It’s frustrating man. Help


I referred this email to Charles Dobens a Multi Family attorney an investor.   Though, his answer may not delve too deeply into things like why the opening of the commercial lending guidelines has absolutely no bearing on private lending except to reduce the cost of the private money, I hope this gives you a 30K foot view of the multifamily arena. Check it out here:

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