Content Marketing Is Key To Increased Traffic, Leads & Sales

Content marketing is the act of creating content with the goal of using that content to attract people that may have a need for a service or goods that you provide, either today or sometime in the future.

Focusing first and foremost on the creation of the content for the good of the reader, and not on the potential sale, and definitively not for the search engines.

If you look through my blog you will see that it was not long ago that I would teach to write your content to 2 readers:

  1. Potential Clients
  2. Search Engines

The big buzz word in marketing right now is blogging. I know you have heard that word a million times. You should be blogging and using social media and doing SEO and some of these marketing buzz words that your brokers and other people at, seminars & trade shows are talking about. The purpose of blogging is to be a thought leader and have people view you as an authority.”

I would like to stress that blogging is not about your  services that you offer and how you can help them and how I can sell their home.    We’re not going to ask people for anything in our content marketing.

What we’re going to do is we’re going to create and share content, so we’re going to share what we know, our expertise, what we’re good at.  What is the knowledge that we have, that people that are not in our industry do not have?

My idea is when I post my content and I’m not saying it’s easy, but I basically tell people about everything I know. I put everything I know on my blog, so I tell people what tools I use, what kind of services I use, how I do it, why I do it, where to get what I get, all of that.

At first, I was a little bit scared about doing that kind of thing because, if I put everything down on my blog then why would people need me, why would they want to contact me?  What I found is that the more information that I give them and the more transparent I am and the better my content is the more people do contact me.

With the most recent updates and changes to the Google Search Algorithm, Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird, many SEO specialists are saying that Google is wants bit more content now.

Have any of you heard of Seth Godin? He has a very popular blog and is a Marketing Genius. He usually uses about 300 words on his blog posts.  We used to say as long as you can get 300 words of content you are good. Then we went to 400 words, but now I am saying we should shoot for about 800 words of content.

You want to present it in a way that is easy to read, or easy to skim. In addition to making sure that we are staying consistent, and that we are providing a decent amount of content. We are an 8 second attention span society, you don’t get a whole lot of time to catch people’s attention.

You DO NOT want to just put a Big Ol’ Block of text, small dark block of text on a white space. You are going to want to break it up:

  • Give your content Subtitles
  • Block Quote it
  • Chunk it
  • List It
  • Bullet Point it
  • Try not to put more than 2 sentences in a paragraph

I want to make my content very skimmable, you can scan right over and get the point and… That is actually phase 2 of whether people will decide to “read” your content.

Usually, people will look at the title: ”Ok it catches my attention”. Then they look at the post: ”Ok this is manageable, there are some bullet points, I get it.. yeah Ok I will read this”.

I like to provide at least 1 image, give people something pretty to look at.

You can try to add a video.

As I mentioned before and time and time again, Video is really powerful. People love to watch videos, over 50% of the time spent on the internet is people watching videos. With video we can convey a strong message in a short amount of time.

All of my blog posts look the same. I give it a title at the beginning, a short intro with a quote, an image to the right, then 3 or 4 subtitles, with some blocking, layout my content and SEO optimize. And that is my formula over and over again, just with different content.

Content Marketing is the New SEO


Blog Promotion

Here is one of those quotations I was talking about:

Without Promotion something terrible happens… Nothing – P.T. Barnum

That goes for your content. I know right… it is like, geeze I just spent a ton of time thinking of this content idea, then I spent more time creating it, and now you are telling me I have to Promote It. Yeah. A little bit, yes.


What does that mean? Have you heard of syndication? Automatically sending out our blog posts to Twitter, Linkedin, Google +. You can do it. Syndication is actually a good tool.

I syndicate all my content. I use a service called Onlywire and as soon as I post a blog post it shoots out to to about 40 different websites, automagically for me.

That is not a bad thing. You may here some people tell you that syndication is not social. That’s fine.

I just want to get the ball rolling, I want to have a few shares on my post, get a little exposure. Generate a little bit of interest, get a few organic people to find it and start to share it. It is a good Tool, but not the Solution. We do not want to rely on that solely.

I want to be the first to share my content, I don’t ever want anybody to come to my blog post and see ZERO shares. That does not make me look very good. I am the first one, as soon as I write a blog post I go to my blog and Like it, Tweet it, +1 it, Share it, and Pin it. And I post to social media strategically.

Google+ is an interesting Social Media platform. It is not as social as the others, in that people don’t seem to interact as much, but it is owned by Google and whenever something is owned by Google I like to give it plenty of attention, because it is probably going to affect how my website ranks.

My favorite part of Google+ is Communities.

Google + has a tool called communities that is much like Linked Groups. I love to share my content on Google+ Communities, and generate a ton of traffic from Google+.

What I do is join communities that are niche specific to my industry. When I share my content in a community I write a short intro blurb to pique interest and put a link to my blog post and add a pretty picture. I get a lot of traffic off of that. The same with Linkedin Groups

 Post Your Content To Bookmarking Sites

  • Reddit
  • Digg
  • Stumbleupon
  • Delicious

Just get it out there.

Turn Your Post Into A Press Release

I use a free service called PRLog and you can basically copy and paste in your content.

The last press release I created with PR Log generated 254 hits and cost me nothing, but a few minutes.

Article Submission Sites



Put it on Youtube and be sure to use some of the techniques we talked about earlier. Give it a catchy title, quality description, and add tags.
Put it on Vimeo or Viddler if you want a more attractive and user-friendly viewing experience.


  • Post them to Instagram and be sure to use #hashtags in your description
  • Post to to FlickR
  • Pin them to Pinterest


  • Upload your presentations to Slideshare and give it an attention grabbing title and quality content description.
  • Upload to

Every presentation that I put on slideshare I get hundred’s of views to each presentation I post.


Content Marketing = Creating Content to Acquire New Customers

You can and will generate a steady flow of traffic, leads, and eventually sales for your real estate or small business if you build a WordPress Website, and run a half way decent Content Marketing Campaign.

Even if you are lacking time, resources, or writing skills you can run a half way decent Content Marketing Campaign.

Matt Cutts, Head of Google Spam Team, has been telling us for years that the key to generating traffic on Google is to produce a consistent stream of quality content. To stay away from link building schemes, article scraping, spinning, or worse.. stealing, to not engage in any tactics that are designed to artificially give your website an advantage.

Now their Algorithm has caught up with their philosophy.