Goodbye Expensive Direct Mail Marketing Software

The problem with many direct mail programs is that they are very expensive and, therefore, eat up an individual’s profits before he or she can have the chance to make a legitimate income. These programs include both direct mail software and mailing house solutions, as both of these types of distribution are far too expensive, especially if someone is just starting out in this industry. The good news, however, is that these options are no longer needed in the business world because Click2Mail now offers an inexpensive solution. The method that Click2Mail uses in order to give their customers these savings is definitely unique, but it works like a charm because it is something that no one else has been able to offer.

Click2Mail prides itself in its ability to offer direct mail options over the internet for a fraction of the cost of other companies. The reason that it is able to do this is that the company operates under the license of the United States Postal Service, which definitely gives it a distinct advantage. Click2Mail is able to save its customers money on absolutely anything that they send out, making it perfect for the direct mail industry. In addition, this service allows changes to be made to mailing lists in an instant, since it can be updated online. Click2Mail provides solutions to every aspect of this industry, so it might be time to switch over and take advantage of this option from the United States Postal Service.


All you have to do in order to get involved with Click2Mail is develop a mailing list and then sign up for an online account. Click2Mail will then take care of every other aspect of your direct mail campaign for you, as they can provide competitive rates on both printing and mailing. Other companies know that you are desperate to get your message out and, therefore, will charge you far more for the printing and mailing than Click2Mail, but this is not a problem that you have to worry about any longer. The best part is that it does not matter how many or how few letters you are sending out, you will still be able to find a great deal when you go through this company. The benefits that are available through Click2Mail are endless, as you will never find an easier or more cost friendly way to get your message out there than through this service.

When you log onto the company’s website, you will be presented with a number of different design options that will ensure that your letter looks exactly how you want it to. The browser based design technology is state of the art, which makes it easy to use and extremely accurate. This technology also works hard to drive down prices, as everything can be handled through your web browser. When you do your direct mailing through Click2Mail, you will not experience any of the problems that you are used to when sending out your mail, as the company has spent a lot of time streamlining the entire process for organizations like yours.

The reason why other types of mailing are so difficult is that you would be responsible for sorting, labeling, paying for postage, and then driving all of your letters to the post office. You would also have to personally maintain your mailing list and make sure that everyone on your list has a letter, which takes a great deal of time. Click2Mail, however does all of this for about the same price of a stamp, so you can imagine how much time and money you will save if your mailing list has thousands of names on it.

This service can also be used for personal use, such as sending out a Christmas card. If you do not want to address multiple envelopes to people all over the country, you can simply write your letter on Click2Mail and insert the addresses into your mailing list. Each of these people will then receive a copy of your Christmas card, without you having to do much more than write the original letter. There is simply no easier way to get your mail out there than through this service and it has led a revitalization in the direct mail marketplace.

Basically, Click2Mail is like combining email and conventional mail into one package, as you will create a digital message that will arrive in people’s mailboxes, rather than their email inboxes. The United States Postal Service delivers letters to countless people every year and they will continue to do so well into the future. People trust the USPS because of their motivation to provide their customers with everything that they desire.

If you have used direct mail marketing in the past, you might have been disappointed with the results, especially if you used a software that was meant to handle everything for you. The problem with this software is that it does not tap into the low prices of the USPS the way that Click2Mail does, so you will always end up paying more when you use it. There are very few certainties in life, but one thing that you can be certain of when you use Click2Mail is that you will find low prices and that your letters will arrive when they are supposed to. This is truly the future of direct mail, so make sure that you take advantage of this quick and easy way to market your business and you will not regret your decision.

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