Direct Mail Myth Exposed – Clever Investor – Cody Sperber Hype

directmailI recently got an email telling me that the number one lead source for millionaire real estate investors was direct mail. HUH ???   Not so from my personal experience.

90% of the 100’s of leads I get monthly come from internet marketing and my Online Lead Finder software!  That means only 10% of my leads come from direct mail! I make far more money using internet lead techniques and deals are almost instant versus waiting time for mailers.

 I had to listen to this webinar and see what the new hype sales machine was spewing.

I found the webinar full of misleading facts, but it did have a great sales pitch to sell you a system at $97 a month to get access to an ordering system where you could use all Cody Sperbers Yellow letters and postcards.  (which looks like the same others letters others are offering)

Instead of paying 97 a month to have access to his mail ordering system (you still have to pay for list, print and marketing cost)

Here is what I suggest:

1.  Build your own list of prospects using (ask for Terry or Lance – tell them Duncan sent you and get a 10cent per name discount)
2. Use the United States Postal Service CLICK TO MAIL, or as you need.

Save yourself the monthly cost!

Direct mail is much more of an investment than other types of marketing. Success in direct mail is not guaranteed for any business, they are particularly effective for reaching customer demographics such as the elderly who are much less likely to see online advertisements.

Granted, direct mail has changed and there’s certainly less competition than before and may give an investor with a brand greater opportunities to get their messages across and really make an impact with their campaigns. However, I like to send professional letters out rather than handwritten yellow letters.  This has always gotten be better results.

Be smart about what you buy. Test it and If it does not work… Get a refund!