Do You Have A Content Marketing Strategy

Follow the Content Marketing Pyramid and you will achieve huge success in your real estate business.  This framework will easy help you position yourself as the authority in  your niche

You can get inspiration for your own content from lots of sources. Like BiggerPockets, our website, Inman News,Zillow, your local news websites… really anywhere.

I’ve seen blog posts that literally just took an infographic from another website, posted it, wrote a few sentences that were optimized for a keyword phrase they wanted to rank for… and they were able to grab a quick easy ranking with some great simple content.

Total time investment… maybe 15 minutes.

I suggest you focus on the bottom 2 sections of the pyramid…

  1. Curated Content (where you find content on other sites, use it as inspiration on your own website and give them credit)
  2. Unique Blog Posts And Pages (where you write more of that content from scratch or even use something else as inspiration like this post)

The rest of the pyramid is for the more advanced Content Marketer.

It Helps You Simplify Content Marketing In Your Mind

Too many real estate investors don’t want to put in the work to be successful.

They want to take the easy route… which I can tell you from personal experience, there isn’t an “easy” way as an entrepreneur.

But when it comes to content marketing, most real estate investors and agents immediately jump to the conclusion that it has to be tough and require a lot of work.

When you follow the pyramid and focus mainly on the bottom two sections, curating and summarizing other great content (60-70% of your content), and writing simple blog posts (30-40% of your content)… it really simplifies the process.

If you were going to write a blog post a week on your real estate investing website, here’s what I would do.

Week 1: Curate and summarize an article in your own words from a local news station or blog’s real estate or financial section. 15-20 mins.
Week 2: Write a blog post that answers a common question that your prospect thinks or asks. 15-30 mins.
Week 3: Curate and summarize an article, youtube video, or an infographic you find in Google images15-20 mins.
Week 4: Curate a local news story in your area and tie it to a “hook” that resonates to your prospect. 15-30 mins.
We’re talking about a couple hours a month.

Everyone has a couple hours a month. If you don’t, you should think about cutting back on your cable TV or Facebook time ;-).

Content marketing done right is all about delivering value to your prospect and optimizing it for phrases that your prospects are typing into Google.

It’s not about being the best writer or having the most unique ideas.

Look at websites like the Huffington Post. The majority of their articles are “curated” from other news sources that put the news story out first. They just gave it their own little twist and summary to the topic and posted it on their website.