Facebook Advertising – Is It Right For You?

You have a website or perhaps a blog, and you have filled it with your best content. You’ve done solid market research, carefully optimizing your site for SEO with long-tailed keywords. And now you’re busy networking that site by:

– Submitting articles to directories
– Including a clear “call-to-action” at the end of every  page.
– Networking on related forums and social media

But there’s one other strategy you might want to consider and that is advertising on Facebook. It can be the fastest way to turn your site or blog into an authority site and increase it’s page rank.

Sure, you could invest in a Google pay-per-click (PPC) campaign first but anyone who has tried to find  good keywords with competition that isn’t overwhelming is tough.

The Hazards of Keyword Selection Versus Demographics

If you pick a keyword with heavy competition with PPC, advertising no one’s going to notice you, or you will end up paying a fortune.   Using long-tail keyword for SEO purposes in your PPC campaigns can give you low quality scores and in turn cost you more.

Rather invest your marketing budget in Facebook Ads and use their advertising tools to help you  builds  on the strong demographic  information they have collected.  You can drill down to be  very narrow and precise to who you want to connect to!  This  strategy is going to be your fastest road to creating a profitable presence in my opinion.  You can purchase a Facebook advert inexpensively, run it for a set amount of time – and have your site spread via the best route of all:  a social network of people in your targeted niche demographic.   Remember, this is an experiment. Set your daily allotment low, and track it. (Facebook does allow you to do that.)

Maximizing Your Ad

Make the most of Facebook ads’ graphics ability, and add an appealing photo or image (just look at those Facebook ads down the right-hand side of your profile page, to see examples of visually strong ads).

Facebook’s ability to target by state, city, and neighborhood  level is one of its best ad features. As a real estate investor your website or blog is dependent on location (i.e. ”  Greenville SC Investor Deals “) and make sure you have also created a Page on Facebook, and you will  find you’ve got it made!

One caution, however: Do make sure that you actually do use strong, specific keywords for your niche in your ad headline and body text.  Keep the focus narrow to that one single, specific group. ie Wholesale buyers, retail buyers, rent to own buyers, etc.

Remember that Facebook’s participants are predominantly (but not exclusively limited to) the female 18-34 range. Since you are aiming at a different demographic, be sure to set your age range from at least 26 – 42.

Remember – keep your daily costs low, your target specific – and good luck with your Facebook advertising!

Visit www.Facebook.com/advertising

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