Facebook Places – Why It Is Important For Marketers

Facebook Places  is a new service that lets people share where they are, find friends in the same location and learn more about new places.

Facebook Places represents another step forward in the future of marketing: delivering offers and information to consumers at the moment they need it, before they even think to look for a coupon or perform a search.

Why location services make sense for marketers:

Marketers want to reach consumers when they are close to making a purchase. Location services enable them to deliver a compelling offer or reward when consumers are at the point of decision. This is very powerful.

Location services are part of the future of marketing. Companies will be able to discern what consumers are interested in and deliver helpful advertising and compelling offers before consumers ever need to type a query in a search box.

Imagine escaping your office at noon on a Monday, and instead of trying to decide which restaurant  to visit today, you instead receive an offer on your mobile phone from a  sports bar just down the block. Or perhaps you’re looking for houses close to the local mall. You might someday receive a coupon from  a  home company offering a designer kitchen upgrade!

If ads can be pushed to people in the moment they are engaged with something, rather than waiting until they take action and start a search, the ads become very very powerful.

Places gives local businesses a great reason to advertise on Facebook. Many of them already have a Facebook Page; by creating a new Facebook Place (essentially a page where people can check in and see who else they know who has checked in), businesses can give customers “the power to tell their friends about your business”.

Places advertising is not yet available, but I bet it soon will be!

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