The New Facebook Profile and Real Estate Lead Generation

The New Facebook profile!

What you need to know and how some of the changes affect you, and how to take advantage of the new cool stuff to increase your real estate leads.

If you have not done so yet, you can do so here:
Once you do, there will be a prompt that will guide you through the update.

Things have been rearranged a bit, and it takes a while to get used to.

What I like about the new Facebook profile:

There is a new photo stream at the top highlighting photos you were tagged in.  Facebook has put more  emphasis on photos. Images are better positioned to catch your eye.   The new design provides should provide  more staying power for posts w/ photos…. which means more opportunity for engagement.

The main navigation is now located in the left sidebar instead of  the top tabs (which no longer exist).  The Facebook Profile navigation   seems more natural to me, and keeps the design and feel of the home page.

Photos and videos are now merged. You can access your photos link from the left side navigation bar and view all the photos and videos you have shared or have been tagged in. You can also view photos and videos separately or as a mashed feed down the page.

What is really cool, is how “friends” are now displayed and organized. You can easily filter friends from your profile as opposed to just in the news feed.    Why is this important and what does it mean?   Because now,  instead of filtering lists or groups of people you set, you filter via location, school, work, etc. This  make s engagement more efficient from your own profile. Profile filtering should become a new task on your Daily Engagement Plan.

Poking..   Pokes are a better fit on the profile. This casual form of engagement is kinda fun (not about hooking up anymore) , it can be both an active and passive form of engagement to let others know you’re thinking of them!

Might take some getting used to in the new Facebook profile:

You will notice the appearance of a  new headline that replaces what was previously your own creative description that had formerly resided under your photo. This new headline pulls info from your profile information which can be customized to include your work, education, relationship, birthday, location, etc.   This is Facebook’s way to keep things “simple and easy”, while showcasing your “background”.    I  think Facebook should have left the option to create my own headline, bio, or statement.

If you want your Facebook Fan Page linkable from your main profile (i.e. the headline up top) then you have to add it to your work history. Be sure your Pages are listed in your contact info and work info for maximum visibility.

Updating your Info links. These are the links associated with your work history, likes and interests, education, etc. Currently many of these links take you to Community Pages which usually just aggregate keyword content and posts referencing the topic (good for search & monitoring). However, if you want your friends to be able to click these links and land on your actual Business Page, then you will have to reset them. This is not working 100% yet. Be sure to enter the text for a particular page EXACTLY as it reads on and shouldn’t have any issue.

Overall, I believe you should update your Facebook profile asap!

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