Free Yourself Of Crap Products – Gain Independence from False Promises

The holiday guru offers are starting to appear.  You know the ” Magic System”, like  The Lead Generation course or one of the many others.

I listened to one recently that claimed you will get 1,776 leads in only minutes if you applied this system, and yet no websites were needed.  What? Wait for it .. at the end of the presentation, he will show you how to get one!

As you get into the presentation .. it starts to click.. wait .. how can I apply these strategies in minutes and get leads?

The creator tries to address that there system works by showing you a half ass attempt at traffic view ( not leads)  and also hide the website it comes from.

What I hate is that there2 is NO thought leadership from the creator of this course.   When you look at the course, the information is something  I have already seen that appeared in other formats.  My guess is that it was a re-seller rights material written by someone else.

Anyway.. I will put my software and system, up against this material any day.  It simply does not go deep enough into the ins and outs of what you really need to know.   If you are looking only for a general overview of

How search marketing works
Keyword Suggestions
Local business listings
Google plus
Search Engine marketing
Basic info on pay per click marketing

It’s only 17.76 cents.  However you can google the terms above and learn everything free what is in this material.

Buyer Beware – You get what you pay for!


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