Flip Free Profits 2.0 Honest Review – Are Short Sales A Viable Strategy in 2013?

ssI understand that Short Sales can be the most frustrating part of real Estate Investing. BUT… I can tell you from personal experience that short sales are extremely viable still in today’s market.

Have you come across one of the following ..

  • Rules And Regulations In Place Telling You Whether Or Not You Can “FLIP” Them?
  •  Most Lenders Have A “Holding Period” Where You Must Wait Before Re-Selling The Property…To Collect Your Profit?

So the big question is “What Do You Do When You Get A Short Sale Approval Letter… And It States That You Must “HOLD” The Property …For 30, 60, 90, Or Even 120 Days?”  Transaction funding just will not work!   What do you do ??

What If You Knew  There Was A  Secret Strategy ?

The SOLUTION Of ALL Solutions… The Steps:

  1. Get Equitable Interest?
  2. The Release And Termination Of Contract/Equitable Interest
  3. Step Aside And Get PAID…

 Brian Meara and Jeff Watson are the creators of the course Flip Free Profits 2.0

Flip Free Profits 2.0 real estate course  is  an upgraded  version that is quite different from the original version.  The original version  had 6 training modules and tons of bonus content whereas the new one will have 10 brand new modules (with a few videos that were still relevant that we carried over), in addition to the bonus content, access to funding for flips, etc.

Brian Meara and Jeff Watson  have 107 active deals in the pipeline and are closing 5-10 per month using this method.  Brian has dozens of testimonials and 9 coaching students who they have  worked with to help do the same since he  released the original version a year ago (April 2012).

This works..  Get more information HERE

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