Foreclosure Auction Cash and Chris McLaughlin Review

The new year, brings a new round of  real estate information product launches. I am sure you have probably received an email with one of the following claims…

  • Quick way to generate $3K – $7K/week (and it costs you ZIP!)
  • Do this. Make money. No charge.
  • No-cost info that can quickly make you a fortune!
  • Video shows you how to cash in (& it won’t cost you a cent!)
  • If you need a quick $3K – $7K (and that’s just your 1st week)

I know many of you are struggling for cash (and almost EVERYONE is) and yet you believe opportunity still exist in the real estate market.  I know many are  confused as to where to invest, how to invest   or even what  strategy to do.  When you got this email, you probably thought that this one sounds to good to be true.  I bet you are also suffering from what I call the “shiny bauble” syndrome.

I am always skeptical of marketing hype and new  products that seem to be the miracle cure to wealth.   So I contacted Chris McLaughlin and Nathan Jurewicz and asked them about their material.  Well, they sent me the entire course,  along with a proof  about every deal they have done in the last 3 months themselves.  Then they showed me a video that reveals an “underground” source of deals…

and low an behold..  you can teach an old dog new tricks to generate $3,000 – $7,000 in a matter of hours!   Let me tell you… I went over this thing with a fine-tooth comb. And it is 100% legit.  Chris is both a real estate attorney and a real estate broker with THREE offices in Florida. He is NOT going to cheat you or screw things up for himself.

The best part is that ANYONE can do what he is teaching ..  Chris and Nate have  made a video that shows you how to do this and they made it available WITHOUT CHARGE  for the  next couple of days. You gotta get over there and see this, now.  So click on the link below.  This free video will show you how to pocket a few grand fast. And that’s only your FIRST week.  Take advantage of the opportunity to view then you can decide for yourself. <– Click Here

I do have to tell you that I do feel it is overpriced for what you get. BUT if you take action and make money, then its not a  big deal..   Some good info in there  but you can find alot of the  stuff   pretty easy to find online.  The one thing that is totally missing is any recommendations on how to find the buyers; how to talk to them to establish credibility, etc.  There is also nothing about the contracts with buyers, assigning the deals (if you are bidding for several buyers, or don’t know at the auction which one you’ll flip to.)  Maybe they offered a package of bonus materials that go with the book.??

Anyway, it may be a good idea to go to an austion and speak to  buyers in advance that could want you  represent them at the auction!

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