Friendfeed, Connecting the Social Media Dots

Here is a simple method to getting everything going so all you have to do is send a tweet using TweetDeck and have it sent simultaneously to Twitter and Facebook, and then have all status updates including everything posted in Facebook and other popular social media networks supported by friendfeed sent to your blog.

Here is how:

1. Go to friendfeed and sign up for free using your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

2. Once registered, click on the settings link below your username. and add the services you want to post in your feed widget (I have Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube).  See my Friend Feed on my blog to the right ——->>>

3. Edit Facebook to include your Facebook My Links URL and make sure “My Facebook Status” is unchecked under the include menu (I will explain why shortly).

4. Now click the Tools & Widgets link on the bottom of the page. Select the widget you like and copy and paste the code into your text editor (keep in mind the width of your sidebar on your blog and alter the width of the widget or sidebar so they match up accordingly).

5. Login to Facebook and install the official Twitter application on FB. Now all tweets will be sent as status updates on Facebook. Sweet.

6. Once your satisfied with your widget code, copy and paste it into a new text widget in WordPress and save. Now your tweets are sent in four directions: to your self-hosted WordPress blog, Twitter, Facebook, and friendfeed. Also, you have all your YouTube videos and Facebook links sent to your new friendfeed widget. There are no overlapping updated statuses because you unchecked the “My Facebook Status” in friendfeed.

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