Google Adwords New Click to Call Campaigns Creates Real Estate Lead Frenzy

How-To-Create-Click-to-Call-Campaigns-in-Google-AdWords-Enhanced-CampaignsWhile clicks on your ads can bring many leads to you, it is often better to try to get customers to actually pick up the phone and give you a call.  Thanks to a new ad type from Google AdWords, this will be easier than ever.  They have just confirmed a new option that marketers will have called ‘call-only campaigns.’

This service will display your ad and phone number, which is nothing new.  When someone taps it from their mobile phone, however, it will actually call the specified phone number rather than bringing them to your website.  The URL of your website is still visible to help ensure customers know who they are calling, but in most cases they will never actually make it to the page.

This feature was technically possible using call extensions, but it was a more complicated and less effective way of doing things.  With this new option, marketers will be able to quickly and easily create call-only ads in the same way they create any other ad.  Those who are using the previous call extensions feature can simply duplicate the campaign into a call-only option, or convert the campaign type to call-only.