Googles’ Latest Updates in the Organic Search Via Places

Google has recently redone how the listings view works in organic search to make popular Google’s map’s program.  It  has been completely overhauled  how it  will display to promote Google’s maps in the the Google Places  program.

With the latest changes,  the local search results are now  displayed similar to organic results, and the map is going to be appearing on the right side of pages. Google is introducing users to a more familiar and amalgamated result page. This Google’s new search is going to give business owners their own  “real estate screen”.

These new changes are going to give the  marketing person or team a new way to approach search engine optimization,   Those companies which take advantage of this, will put them in a perfect position to build a bigger awareness . I believe  SMART marketers will be able to utilize to DOMINATE their marketing, to double and triple their lead generation abilities.

One of the other features of new Google’s search how companies  can add their own links  to their other sites, along with the ability to add  photos, and  also allow for reviews. Think a “mini” website for companies! The new yellow pages ! Do you see where I am going with this ??

There is still the option of having a  paid listing.  A paid listing allows for the business owner to highlight his  local business on Google maps.   These new changes are going to be make  Adwords  more competitive!  There is a motive behind Googles new actions. Business are going to compete to be highlighted which mean higher bids for advertisers, and more revenue for Google!  The small business owners are going to fight for the most coveted place.

Reviews and Citations become more visible: In the new Google’s  Places program, it will show you various reviews in the system, as well as also feature the diversity of third party sites such as Insider pages and all.

What I like is that Google Places will display a mini version of your website when you click on the links. There is no extra click needed for that.  I would suggest that you make use of these new features ASAP!

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