How are your RE investing results? Do you want to improve them?

Andrew CordleThe best way to get ahead as an investor is to learn from others who have done it successfully.

That’s why I’m a big fan of events (especially lives ones!) where you can learn first hand from a variety of experts and drill down by asking questions on the specifics that are most meaningful to you today.

I know that as an entrepreneur you realize that to succeed as an investor you must always be on the lookout for ways to excel in the areas of networking, learning, and taking action. so I wanted to let you know about the upcoming RealWealthGameChanger event Sept. 28-30th in Orange County.

Because of Scotts’ reputation he has been able to assemble an amazing group of experts who will each hand you their personal blueprint for creating extraordinary success at not only the financial strategies but also beyond to their emotional and teambuilding strategies as well.

www.  features renowned experts like Bruce Norris, Andrew Cordle, Kurt DeMeire, Robyn Thompson, Kaaren Hall, Scott Whaley and myself, Duncan Wierman!

These are all people who are getting results and want to arm you with the principles, strategies and tools to take your business to the next level now .

As a member of my list, you can attend the RealWealthGameChanger at no charge just by clicking here:

This event starts on September 28th and is limited to just 200 seats each day.  I love the format because you can tune out the world for three days and get totally immersed in the tools, the strategies and the psychology of todays successful real estate investors.

Just enter your name and email in the “Claim Your Free Gift” box on the right of the page and you are IN the event.

If you have ever dreamed of:

  1. FEARLESSLY taking action and implementing like a wild man (or wild woman!)… (Because you will!)
  2. Becoming a recognized LEADER in your area of investing…
  3. Gaining a Laserlike focus on what your next steps are that you need take each day to be more successful…
  4. Building a turn-key business that gets easier by the day and CONVERTS your personal passion into automated profits while you sleep…
  5. How to see what lies ahead for the market, and profit by anticipating ahead of the herd.
  6. ·  How to buy all the investment properties you want without the stress of going into debt or using up all your cash.
  7. ·  How to go from doing it all yourself to networking and joint venturing like the big dogs do.
  8. ·  How to use automation and the internet as a “force multiplier” so that your efforts are magnified and have 10x the results than before.

…then you don’t want to miss this event!

Seating is limited for each session so click here now to register:

RealWealthGameChanger     plus, when you register, Robyn Thompson will arrange to give you her tried-and-tested secrets for creating a, successful real estate investing business (a $97 value) when you show up at the event.

Any time you can gain exposure to experts who are getting real results, it can accelerate your progress geometrically. The RealWealthGameChanger is one of those opportunities. I hope to see you there!

Bruce Norris



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