• Google ranks pages. The ranking is based how it interrupts a page subject from on page factors like title. The ranking is also determined by links to that page both from within the site and external (back links). Backlinks are generally considered to have the most value.

    Just how much influence having other similar pages within a web site (called theming or siloing) has on rankings has never been well proven.

    I have client sites that rank well for a number of medical terms. But I doubt if the terms are similar enough to have that big an impact. Bigger influence is just good SEO practices.

    The Google patents are interesting. But they do not say how the algorithms are really implemented.

    John Deck

  • Hi John
    Thanks for the feedback !
    I agree there has to be both onpage and offpage SEO.
    What I see is new “gurus: just saying make a video and post it to many sites and you get first page ranking..
    Only thing they are getting it on keywords that are not competitive or just not searched at all. They are using smoke and mirros to make it look like they “know it all”

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