How I Snag Leads Before My Competition Has A Chance

Have you ever read the book  “The Art of War!” by Sun Tzu?

Business is war… You have to think and be more creative than your competition.  The below tactic may be agressive to some, but it is cutting edge and how you will get noticed before your competition even know what hit them.   You will leave them wondering how you got the deals


This cool video by Austin Lau (a Google AdWords media planner) shows how to target Gmail specifically.


Just think of the possibilities…

When someone sends an email to a friend telling them about something going on in their life such as a new baby, relocating, foreclosure, a death, etc.   Then when that person sends an email reply to them, saying something  like “Sorry to hear about your house going into foreclosure ” – Bang! >>  You can have your internet bandit sign appear right in their email box!!

Another example is that someone writes something like “I wish I had a bigger house for the kids to play in with a big back yard”  – Bang! You can show an ad for one of your houses for sale in a good school district.

I guess that the one BIG drawback is limited volume, but the low price and high CTR (very relevant ads) should more than make up for it.

Anyway, I think it’s pretty cool.

I’d love to hear what you think about it, and how (and if) you’re going to you this nifty little trick in your campaigns.

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