How I Use Audio Postcards To Grab Attention and Increase Leads From FSBO’s

audiopAudio Postcards will bring leads faster working FSBO’s

This is such a great marketing method. On our FSBO marketing we do, we get nearly 30% calling us back.  That is phenomenal. Below is the audio I used in the postcard as a sample for you to listen to.

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Making Offers with audio postcards

The strategy I use is quite simple for making offers. I will set up searches on sites:


I set up the search to display results:  All houses within 10 miles of ZIPCODE with 3 bedroom, 2 bath , garage.

Then I will view each property the search returns to me. Then I go to the contact information section. In the email reply form, I simply cut and past the code from AudioGenerator to the form and press submit. Voila. Offer is done. I direct them back to my website and then I collect only the motivated seller leads.

2-11-2013 11-55-36 AM

This is also  a great way to post your customers audio testimonial right on your website. I also recommend using these postcard to make generic house offers to open the door to negotiations. This simple postcard took all of about 5 minutes to create.

Think of the impact this type of product could make on a promotional campaign. You could announce your house buying program to motivated FSBO sellers, talk about a new property you just listed, send a thank you note. The ways you can use this are plentiful.  Best of all the process is very simple doesn’t require the listener to download any software or plug ins.

On first thought, they may seem like a a cutesy-gimmicky solution but not many people are using this techniques to bring them deals. Try it! AudioGenerator created a great service!

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