How To Automate A Short Sale

The only way to succeed long term is to use Systems and Automation in your business.   When you systemitze and automate your business, you actually have a business that runs by itself.  This is how you can work the 4 hour work week, and have more money and the time to enjoy it!

What you cannot automate, you outsource. This is not expensive to do, and once you realize the value of a team to help you achieve your goals, its a small price to pay!

10 Steps Short Sale Success System

1. Find MOTIVATED real estate agents to be on your team to help find you deals.

2. Once you have a potential deal,   use an Option Contract with an Affidavit of Understanding.

3. Record A “Notice of Option”.  This gives you the right to market and sell the property

4. Have the real estate agent continue to market the property at a great price to help find buyers faster.

5. Put The Short Sale Package together and Complete negotiations with Lender.

6. Close your transaction with the lender for cash. This is where you use Transactional Funding

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7. Speak to the buyers lender to ensure they know what you are doing!

8. Ensure all documentation is available to everyone and make full disclosure that your intention was to resell for a profit.

9.  Close the deal with your end buyer.

10.  Repeat.

Putting the Package Together for Submission to Lender or Negotiator

Then ONLY $49 a month !

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