How to Avoid Hiring a Bad Virtual Assistant for Social Media Marketing

Hiring A Virtual Assistant

If you are like most people, you’ve encountered a nightmarish virtual assistant that was “dedicated” to helping you with your task. While you will find that you do end up with some quality individuals, others will offer you low quality work, abuse the accounts you give them access to and could ultimately have your own social media accounts banned. Before you know it, all the hard work you put into your items is undone by this single individual that abuses your trust. So how do you avoid hiring this bad virtual assistant for your social media marketing?

What Do You Want To Hire A Virtual Assistant For?

The first and most important thing you can do is to know exactly what you are looking for with a virtual assistant. Many people don’t put too much thought into the process and assume that every virtual assistant is the same. While some might excel at handling simple tasks, they might not be able to handle tougher assignments. Be sure you review all that this individual can do for you, before you settle into a decision.

Checking up on Virtual Assistant

With that in mind, ask to see some of their previous assignments as well. While you might not be able to see all their previous tasks due to various forms of confidentiality, there may be some items they can show you. Take the time to look over the work they have done and are offering you as you begin to decide if these individuals are offering the services that will work for you.

One important area to touch on here is the virtual assistant’s level of experience with social media as well. They should know how the most essential websites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace work. If they appear to be confused on any of these, it is wise to become weary.

Be sure to ask for the virtual assistant references as well. These references should be previous clients that they have done work for in the past and be people who are willing to discuss the candidate openly. While someĀ  virtual assistants may be available by the phone, others will only be available through e-mail or instant messenger. Something very important to consider is that the virtual assistant can create an account just as easily as you can. If the e-mail address comes from a free source, be sure you pay close attention to the writing style of the assistant and compare it with the information provided from the reference as well. This tip can save you a potential headache down the road.

Remember that hiring a virtual assistant is a business entity as well. This means, they should approach the situation in a very professional manner. On their website, they should have contact information and clearly state business practices as well. It should be well defined and free from grammatical and spelling errors as well. Before they begin the business venture with you, they should also hold a meeting with you either online or over the phone. During this time, they should offer you insight into what they can do for you. There shouldn’t be any pressure for you to pay anything up front or to sign with them that moment. Be wary of anyone who is pressing you to get into business with them.

Keep in mind that you should never go below the minimum rate that is acceptable for a virtual assistant, especially when their rate is one of the lowest around. When this is the case, it is because either they aren’t good at what they are doing, or they don’t know better. What will prove to be true in this scenario is that if the virtualĀ  assistant is not good, you will get inferior work that doesn’t meet your needs. If they are excellent, there is a possibility you will be waiting ages to get work back and some assignments may be overlooked as well.

This then brings up the next essential point to keep in mind. You need to have a contract. This will be a written agreement that clearly defines what is expected from both the virtual assistant and yourself. Never go with a virtual assistant that is willing to do the work for you, without anything in writing, down the road this information can protect you from potential headaches and nightmares as well.

Finally, check to see what tools they bring to the assignments that you have. This means knowing if you will be required to provide accounts for the individual or what they will offer you. During this time, be sure you clearly state that your accounts are for your business only if you provide them with access and be sure to change your passwords when you complete the assignment with the virtual assistant as well. That is my take on hiring a virtual assistant


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