How to Build A Social Media Profile

We all know about they hype of how social media sites can bring you more business. Sure it’s easy  to go to any site and  set up an account.  In today’s internet world most people have two to three  social media accounts (facebook, twitter, youtube), if not more. I have quite a few myself.  Setting up an account takes a few seconds,.

What takes some time is  ” How do you create an  effective social media profile” .  Most people put a  picture, fill out some of the basic info and start right into the site.  WARNING ….  That’s not the way to go. If you want to be effective and be seen  in social media, then you must have an effective profile that tells people who you are, why you’re here and what benefits they will get from connecting with you. Your profile is, in effect, your business introduction or brochure. First impressions are everything, you want to get yours right

Steps to  Create The ULTIMATE Social Media Profile of Awesomeness:

  1. A GREAT Photo of Yourself: Online, your face is your brand. Your face will be recognized around social media before your name will. You want a very good photo!  Get one taken professionally, otherwise, use a high quality camera against a white or solid color background. Don’t forget to smile! Your picture is what will help people like you, trust you, and want to talk to you. You want them to think, “This looks like someone I would like get to know.” Also, because your face is your brand, you want to use the same picture throughout all of your social media sights
  2. Write A Strong Profile : You must put some some time into writing your profile. The ‘Goal’ of your profile is to help people to know why and what  you are in business for.   Please dont SELL in your profile.   Focus on what you how you ADD VALUE and what you have to share with the world. Let people know what benefits they will receive from getting to know you and why they would want to refer others to you.   Yes, you can also share something about yourself.  Share what  activities you enjoy, what type of movies and music you like, and make sure to talk about why you started your business. These things will help people relate to you and make a connection.

You have  10-15 seconds to impress your reader. People  see so many profiles online today that they will go past your  if there’s nothing to interest  them.   Review your social media profiles. Re-work them so that they are engaging and a great representation of who you are. The whole object of being involved with  social media is to engage new people. Letting people know who you are and how you make a difference, adding value ,  will let them know why they should spend their time with you. Follow the two steps outlined and you will definitely create and effective social media profile.

Below are some specific guidelines to helping you put together a social profile!

What do we want to accomplish with our social media strategy?  Be specific.

* Do we want to communicate and build more relationships online?
* Build brand awareness?
* Visitors complete a form, sign up for something, calls or emails for more information, become a prospect for our business or service?

Who is our target audience? Our perfect customer?

* What social media and networking sites are they using?
* How do we know or how can we find out?

Who is going to maintain our social media presence?

* Write and upload the blog posts?
* Status updates?
* Do we have the resources to sustain our strategy?

How do we measure success?

* Are we measuring views, traffic, comments, subscribers, leads, sales?

I also reviewed some strategies for managing your online brand (name reputation).

Monitor Your Social Media Indexing and Response by using a free traffic alert tool such as


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