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Independent Onsite Field Inspection Services

Choosing to hire onsite inspectors to quickly and inexpensively verify a property before qualifying a property is made simple when utilizing WeGoLook Field Services.

WeGoLook® provides physical onsite inspection services in a timely, simple and cost-effective manner using the most advanced online technology.

Natural calamities such as hurricane Irene, floods, earthquakes or man made situations (tenant damage, malicious activity, online misrepresentation, fraud) may require quick field inspection of a residential or commercial property. Onsite inspections are part of the property risk management process. 

Long distance property verification is now a click away and may be tax deductible. Flying to different locations to  personally inspect your property can be very expensive, tedious and may require prior planning.  By utilizing services from WeGoLook®, the property owner can dispatch the “Looker” within hours to complete the verification order. Property owners now have a pair-of-eyes and feet anywhere in the USA .

WeGoLook® is the property owner’s eyes and ears for residential and commercial properties inspections. They have a team of over 7,000 nationwide  (background checked agents) that are locally dispatched to the property or site location anywhere in the USA to perform an onsite inspection.

The Looker® will complete a personalized report including current photos, videos, make observations and more. WeGoLook’s property field services begin at only forty nine dollars and offers a simple online ordering process for independent inspection any time of the day.

By utilizing services from WeGoLook, allows the property owner to dispatch the “Looker” within hours to complete the pre-purchase inspection order. “ This is a unique, exciting and empowering service that gives potential consumers and business owners information they otherwise would not easily have access to and ensures peace-of-mind to current property owners while managing their far distance properties” says Robin Smith, co-founder of provides a wide range of field services, including:

  1. Drive-by Inspection
  2. Physical Site Inspection
  3. Property Disaster Inspection
  4. Occupancy Inspection
  5. Property Preservation
  6. Insurance Services
  7. Preconstruction Site Inspection

How WeGoLook Field Inspection Services work:

  1. Looker® Dispatched to the Property
  2. Verifies Address of Property
  3. Construction/Site Progress Verification
  4. Verify Current Condition of Property
  5. Takes Current Photos of Property
  6. Photos/Video of Neighborhood
  7. Your Personal Questions Answered And much more…

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