How to Do A Real Estate Deal Analysis

If you are wanting to purchase REOs, foreclosures or other property, you better know how to purchase them right, BUT to also make them look super attractive to your end buyers.  Watch below how I do it with just a few simple keystrokes, to instantly evaluate the financial potential of a deal.

GUARANTEE Your Deals Are Profitable
ERASE Risk From Your Investing

Use the same software I use every day to make MEGA-Deals in my own business! Here’s how this magical technology can maximize your profits, while discovering hidden money traps. With the click of the mouse:

  • Go over your property with a fine-tooth comb… and examines over 24 different financial tests, then scores your deal.
  • Compare different purchase scenarios visually. Use “what if” analysis to reveal the best tweaks. Optimize the best terms for you to buy.
  • You’re not stuck staring at a screen full of numbers. You get dynamic charts and graphs that uncover the hidden story behind the figures. (A picture really is worth a thousand words!)
  • Analyze the performance of as many as three properties, side-by-side, to cherry-pick the biggest money makers!


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