How to Find Hidden Deals

“US Lead List” is my best source to find those Hidden Real Estate Deals at Reduced Prices

The current school of thought to find Investment Property at a discount, you need to find someone in foreclosure, bankruptcy, divorce, absentee owners, etc. Everybody knows this and these markets are overworked. USLeadList has developed a nationwide direct mailing list of Inherited Properties providing you with a market that is virtually untapped. These homeowners are not found on the Internet and are flying below the radar, creating massive potential.

20% of the people on their list will sell in the next 4 months. That’s right, 20%. They have a proven track record for the past 14 years and a completely new list every quarter.

This is a very targeted list made up of older homeowners with equity who are in a position to sell. There are over 130,000 names on the current list. That represents 26,000 sales in the next few months and with new names every three months, you will have more leads than you would ever imagine.

Since their list is nationwide, you are able to choose the real estate market, by county, where you want to buy. Using a simple introduction letter with an offer to buy, this lead list outperformed the typical response rate in California by 10 times! If you are looking for an investment property, maximize your efforts by working in a market that is truly yours alone!

Let’s summarize their benefits:

  • Highly Targeted/No competition – You are usually the first and only contact
  • Timing is Everything – 20% are going to sell in the next 4 months
  • Buy ‘as is’ – Motivated long-term owners, ready to sell
  • Buy at a discount – Sellers have equity and are ready to deal
  • Great response – 10 times the normal response rate (California research)
  • New names every three months – Ongoing stream of potential leads

So what are you waiting for? Make it easy on yourself. You no longer have to go out beating the bushes or placing classified ads. Contact them today at 866 711-1688 or online at to get a count in your area or even if you just want more information. Just provide them with the counties you would like to work and they’ll respond quickly with numbers and pricing.

Don’t forget to mention Duncan Wierman for a group referral discount!

Here is a short testimonial that should piqué your interest:

In the 3rd quarter of 2018 I wanted to propose to my then girlfriend, I didn’t know where or how I was going to get the extra money to buy her the ring she wanted and scooped up a deal that I bought for $16,750 and flipped to an investor for $25,000 and got to buy her the dream ring that I would have never been able to afford on my W-2 income.

Since 2019 started I’ve closed on 5 houses totaling profit of $16,000 and have 3 more yet to close due to probate process being extended. By the end of July I will have made my gross income from my W-2 job in a total of 7 months (not including 2 of the owner financing deals that I’ve bought houses with and am using as rentals)… Keep in mind I started this when I was 22 years old and just turned 24. 

I’m not a genius (I can barely do math) I just follow the marketing techniques you guys tell me to use and it produces an income that has helped me 1) finally get engaged to my girlfriend who is WAY out of my league 2) pay for a honeymoon I never could’ve afforded and 3) helped kickstart my business to be able to live a less stressful life in regards to money.

The best part is, I’ve only used your inheritance list, no other lists or marketing going out.

Thanks a bunch, you guys are part of my “success” that I’m starting to achieve.