How To Find Leads and Get Started In Multifamily Investing

Lets use Seattle as an Example

One of the first places I want to check is the Tax Assessor office. Google it!

1. Tax Assessors office – I found 8900 apartments!


2. Property Management Companies

Great source of information of who is tired and who wants to sell. Here is the list of Seattle area PM companies.

Start dialing for dollars. Get ready to join this organization:

Scroll down the page and like them on facebook, then start connecting with members. Remember, these people are the ‘Chatty Cathy’s’. They know everything. Ask them if they know who wants to sell. You will be surprised. Bring them donuts, too. They all eat donuts.


3.  Loopnet

Start a search on Loopnet with these parameters:



Once you have the list, click on ANY property, it does not matter which one (you will see in a second) and the screen will look like this:



Go to the right and just click on ‘Contact Listing Broker’. Do this for ALL the properties on the list.
You don’t care about the properties, you care about the brokers who actually have listings. When they call you back, start a relationship with them. If you need help, I can get on a call or two with you and walk you through it.


4. LinkedIN

Well, geographically, looks like you are at a disadvantage with Linkedin:   linkedinBut dont worry!  Post a discussion thread on each group that is relevant to multifamily acquisition. Something like this: “Interested in acquiring multifamily property in the Puget Sound area, etc., etc., etc.” We can test how to approach this as we go on but let’s get something out there now.

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 Take five minutes to watch this video that the Multifamily Investing Academy. It details the community of investors who are working together to achieve success.