How To Get A Refund From A Real Estate Coaching Program

How to get your money back from karen hanover scamFor the individual who has encountered a shady real estate coaching program, you might feel like you have wasted not only time, but your hard earned money as well. Because of this, you should attempt to get your money back, and this can be done through an easy to follow process. You are entitled to get a refund from these organizations, and you must begin by looking out for yourself.

Many of the real estate coaching programs will have a timeframe that you can request a refund of your money. This is important to note if you have a contract in effect. While it might be a fair amount of time such as 30 days, others might have less than 3 days.

When you are doing this process, make sure you document every contact you have with them. Because of the nature of these businesses, date everything and make a copy of the stamped envelope you send them the information in. If possible, fax documents and save a copy of the send report. If they try to contest anything you will have further proof that you did indeed request your refund in the specified timeframe.

If you used your credit card, and they refuse to refund your money, you have the ability to file a claim against them. For most credit cards you have a 2 – 6 month window that allows you to dispute these charges depending on the issuing bank. Be careful if you have used your debit card, some banks only have a 30 day dispute period from the date of your last printed statement. Contact your card issuer to begin the process of filing a dispute, the contact number is normally on the back of your credit card.

Things to do when you can’t get a Refund

There will be times when a company or individual won’t work with you. In these cases your only option might be to take additional measures to get your money back. Because the coaching is normally a scam, you can take legal matters.

Begin by contacting your State Attorney General. This individual will handle most scams that occur in their state as they try and protect those who reside there. Most people will find that when the Attorney General sends a demand letter to the company you are fighting with a refund quickly follows. In some cases the business is so shady you have to take another set of steps.

Take the time to report the real estate coaching program to other companies online. This will allow others to avoid the company while you are able to get advice from other users about getting a refund. Your word of mouth will damage the amount of fraudulent funds this individual can collect from others, and in no time you have helped to shut down an illegal practice that is preying on others. If a company sees you list them on one of the websites, they might contact you for a refund in an effort to have this listing removed as well.

The Better Business Bureau is another great place to go. They will help to resolve the matter as quickly as possible. In most cases you will find that they can become a mediator for the refund, and if left ignored, they will fail a company. Many consumers turn to this company to help them decide if they are willing to do businesses with them. A complaint can be done directly from their website.

You will also have the option to contact a consumer Fraud department. These companies are designed to shutdown fraudulent companies that are taking advantage of people and providing services that aren’t legal or ethical. Different states have a different department to report to. Check into who handles these complaints and file on online report.

When you have tried all these options, sometimes having the Police Economic Crimes department step in can help. Your local department can handle these cases in your local jurisdiction and can help you to start seeking the relief that you need.

You will need to file a police report, and should have all your documentation in regards to contact and everything else ready for the police. Be sure you only provide factual information and take the time to explain everything to the officer you are working with. If they need additional information, be sure to provide it. Most importantly, don’t be embarrassed about being scammed. Many people that prey on others have the gift of charm. No one will look down on you for being a victim. Instead, they will only try to help you get reimbursed.

If all else fails, you can attempt to file a court case in small claims court. Be sure to have all your documentation ready as the judge will need that as well. An attorney will be able to help you to go through the process.

Remember that getting a refund from these companies can be difficult at times. But if you are persistent you help to take action in shutting them down and prevent them from harming others in the process.


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