How to Get More Buyer and Seller Leads From Twitter

Getting Started on Twitter – Five Steps to Success

Building a presence on micro-blogging site Twitter may seem easy, but for those who have tried it and come up against a follower brick wall this article is for you. If you want to build a genuine, meaningful and lasting Twitter presence then follow these five steps to success:

Perfect Profile

Let’s start right at the beginning; profile creation. When you begin using Twitter you will be prompted to create a profile. Don’t rush through this step – it is your shop window and gives other users a chance to learn about you and what you are all about. Choose a profile photo to reflect you in the appropriate light; of you are a brand then your business logo is often a good place to start. Remember that Twitter is public and your profile can be viewed by the world, so don’t portray yourself or your business in an inappropriate light.

Brilliant Bio

As part of your profile you will be prompted to create a bio. You have 140 characters at your disposal; use them wisely. Trying to describe yourself or business in 140 characters is an art form and can be tricky to master, but keep it to the point, snappy and welcoming and you will be on the right track. Businesses should always include a link to their website within the bio and this is also true for bloggers.

Spread the Word

Only when you have created your profile should you start to alert family and friends to your presence on the site. Search for people you know and follow them. Try not to over-fill your follower list with too many celebs to start with, instead opt for genuine friends or businesses that interest you. Retweets and @ mentions are always helpful, so ask those who you know if they will give you a shout out to get you started.

Understand the Hashtag

The hashtag, or # symbol, is widely used on Twitter but many people fail to understand its significance. Placing a # before a key word in your tweet makes it easier for people to find in searches, so if you want to talk about something going on at home and you live in Manchester type #Manchester instead. People searching for the word “Manchester” will be shown your tweet and may engage with you through a retweet (RT) or even a follow.

Tweet Often (but be sensible!)

Tweet often but don’t spam. People want to read what you have got to say, but will quickly unfollow you if you clog up their timeline with irrelevant or uninteresting tweets. Make your tweets original and don’t always simply retweet or tweet links from other sources on line or you will start to look like a robot. Be human, be kind, be interesting and engaging and before you know it your Twitter account will be an exciting community of friends, strangers and “tweeps”.

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