How To Get The Best Use Out Of Facebook Marketing

fb Facebook is the largest social media network in the world with over 1.28 billion users. 802 million people log on daily. Every minute 510 comments are posted, 293,000 statuses are updated and 136,000 photos are uploaded. With this volume and reach, it’s obvious that our business needs to have a presence on Facebook. But, what are the best ways to make the most of Facebook?

First, you need to create a personal profile. Your personal profile should also represent your business. Pick an appropriate profile picture and cover photo. Enter all of your personal info; current position at current company, past positions, education, current address, where you’re from, birth date and contact info. Add photos and videos. Add likes for business pages, sports, music, movies, TV shows and books. Send out friend requests to grow your friends. Send requests to family, friends and people you would like to do business with. Accept requests of people you want to be friends with.

Next, create a business page. Use the name of your business. Pick a profile picture and cover photo using your company logo. Add your contact info and company info. Add photos and videos. Increase your likes by inviting your email contacts and friends and sharing your page. Like other people’s  business pages that you want to do business with. Use The New Page Insights for your business page to optimize it. Monitor likes, reach, visits, posts , people and engagement.

Then, create groups. Create a group for your business using your business name and company logo as a cover photo. You could also create groups for your industry. Designate them as open groups so anyone can join. Tag the groups with your three top key words for your business and industry. Add your company and industry info. Add photos and videos. Send out invites and emails to your friends to build your group. Join other groups whose members you want to connect with.

Send out messages to your friends. Post to yours and other’s profiles, business pages and groups timelines. Tag your friends in your posts. Keep your posts short and use videos to maximize likes, shares and comments. Don’t only send messages and post self-promotion content. Post content and send messages that your network would be interested in. Comment on and like other’s posts and share them on yours and other’s profiles, business pages and groups timelines.

Create events and invite your friends to them. Use your company logo as a cover photo. Title the event. Add the day, time, location and address. Add a description of the event. Add photos and videos. Share yours and other’s events on yours and other’s profiles, business pages and groups. Join and attend other’s events. Your friend’s birthdays are under your events. Wish them all happy birthday daily!

Check your notifications daily. They show you who has posted to your profile, business page,  group and other groups that you’re a member of, what groups approved your requests to join, business pages you’re invited to like and groups you’re invited to join, events you’re invited to, people who liked , shared and commented on your posts, links, comments, photos and videos and other’s that you’re following or tagged in, friends who updated their status and uploaded photos or videos, friends who accepted your friend requests, posts, links, photos and videos you were tagged in and games you’re invited to play.

You can also buy Facebook ads to promote your business, get people to like your business page or see your posts. You can buy ads that show up on the right side of your friend’s home pages to promote your business or liking your page.  You can target the ads to people you want to reach by location, gender, age and interests. Since only 13% of your posts show up in your friend’s timelines, you can buy sponsored posts to guarantee they show up in 100% of them.

Now you know all of the things you can do with Facebook. Are you doing them? Well, do them and make the most of Facebook for your business!