How To Get To The Top of Google Fast Using ONLY Google Plus One

Google +1

Google +1

I wanted to talk for a minute about some really powerful software that was recently released that can greatly boost your SEO and social media marketing efforts. (and right now, it’s free!)

It’s called GPlus Super Circles: +1 Exchange Network.

Basically it is a network of people who exchange Google +1‘s to their URLs, and it’s all automatic…no manual labor here. (yep, I said auto-pilot). AND, it’s the first ever software of it’s kind. Nothing else like it exists.

I want to explain how this is going to dramatically help you..

As we all know, Google recently announced the launch of their ” Google +1 ” button that can be placed on your website. Visitors to your site can click the Google +1 to give you their “thumbs up” so to speak. This concept is similar to the Facebook “like” button, but is much more powerful on many levels.

Google uses those Google +1 ‘s for several different things. First and foremost, the more plus ones you have, Google will recognize your site as more popular and will help your rankings tremendously.

Second, they use  Google +1 ‘s to help you climb the ladder in personal search. What that means is that for everyone who +1s your website, their friends will see your URL at the top of search results as suggested by one of their friends (you can imagine the power, especially if you have 1000’s of Google +1 ‘s which this network can deliver).

All together, you can just about dominate Google if you have a high +1 count. The +1 Exchange network is full of thousands of real people, just like you and me…so the results are real and you are getting an enormous amount of legit +1s at an incredible rate (all on auto-pilot). This is some extremely powerful stuff.

But there’s more…GPlus Super Circles allows you to auto-follow people on Google+ based on niche keywords you put in. You simply put in the keywords, select the circle(s) you want those people to be added to and hit GO!

What’s that do for you? It gives you a massive target audience on the fly. Imagine adding thousands of people related to your niche to your Google+ circles, without lifting a finger. The software also sports an auto-unfollow feature that will automatically unfollow those people who don’t circle you back within a specified time period that you set.

All-in-all, this is by far the best Google+1 software out there to date.  Now for the exciting part. Right now, they are giving away FREE access to the first ever Google +1 Exchange Network and GPlus Super Circles software.  For a very limited time, the developers are giving out free access to the software (normally around $16).

Why?? Exposure.  See the network is powered by it’s users…the bigger the user base, the more powerful the network is.  There are NO STRINGS ATTACHED here, this is an honest freebie and I’ve gained permission from the owners to spread the word.  You can check out the original sales page to learn more about the software and network, here’s the link:

Now, for a free download and membership to the exchange, go here:


    1. Go to the URL above.
    2. Enter your email address (no spam, only for license validating…promise.)
    3. Check your email for the download link and your license key.
    4. Get truckloads of +1s on your URLs for FREE!!! (not to mention the other super powerful features of the software, like G+ auto-following and circle building)

Google +1

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