How To Get To The Top Of Iphone’s SIRI Search


Siri is a voice recognition assistant on the Iphone that aids the user in what they are trying to accomplish by simply asking it to do something. You can use your voice to send messages, place calls, schedule meetings, and lastly the kicker… mobile search!

Some experts believe that this could be the direction of local SEO. Lets take the example of calling a Realtor. You can program Siri to automatically call a Realtor for you without having to conduct the search via a browser.

This would defeat all PPC used by local Realtors’ because the reason is you would never have to conduct a traditional search ever again.

Siri can be the ultimate reason for you to build and optimize your company mobile website. If Siri is able to tap into Authority sites, review sites, and social media to see where people are and what is truly relative, then all traditional sites who are not on the mobile frontier will lose serious market share and miss out on their intended audience.

By you creating a strong mobile presence backed with the SEO tactics you will be able to grow correctly and profitably. It is important that you understand that NOW is the time to act. The iPhone has become on of the best selling mobile devices in the world and soon android will have either the same technology or a hybrid version so it would be silly for them refuse aid before the change occurs in the market. Here are some of the mediums that Siri will be tapping into for relevant content.

I would suggest as a Start that you should be creating accounts and getting the people you helped to write reviews for you at the below sites to start with:  

1. Google Places
2. Yahoo Local
3. Bing Local
4. Yelp
5. Yellowpages
6. Superpages
7. Citysearch
8. Foursquare
9. Facebook
10. Twitter

With having a presence in places like the ones I have listed above you will be ready to communicate with Siri styled technology and bypass the positioning of traditional search habits. Lastly, I have written in great detail about exactly what the steps to master search marketing on Siri in my Platinum Marketing Course.  My course material is not cheap, BUT one deal found using SIRI pays back its cost 10 fold!

None of your competitors have a clue about this how to master this technology and the ramifications of what the future has in store if they don’t jump on board now.

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