How To Manipulate YouTube Content Display For Your Real Estate Blog

If you use YouTube videos in your blog then you might find some of the following tips and tricks pretty handy if you don’t know them already.

 Link to a Chosen Start Time of a YouTube Video

Say for example, you want to link to a nice video that you found on YouTube but it has some crap at the start which you don’t really want your visitors to watch. In a situation like that you can just link to a specific time of that video so when the video starts it will start from that specific time and skip everytime before that.

So if I wanted to link a YouTube video and wanted it to start playing from 1 minute and 17 seconds when someone follows the link then all I have to do is append #t=1m17s to the video URL.

In the example below I am using a time of 1 min 17 seconds

Original video URL:
Video URL linked to a specific time:


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