How To Notarize Documents Virtually

Did you know you can notarize your documents online with in minutes? 

Simply, 1) upload your document, then 2) click Notarize.

 A Model of Online Notarization

There are likely different models that may offer an improvement over the pen-and-ink,
traditional notarizations. This is one offered by

1) User creates an account online, similar to many ecommerce and financial sites

2) User identifies himself or herself using a variety of secure third party tools and/or
government identification

3) User is paired randomly to a notary online, ensuring impartiality

4) User and notary are recorded in an online video and audio session

5) User makes verbal oaths as necessary, depending on the document and form of

6) User signs on the page with the notary as witness, with both parties able to see and
affect the same digital document (to avoid discrepancies between the two parties)

7) After the user finishes, the notary adds appropriate signature and seal in a manner that
looks similar to a traditional pen-and-ink signature

8) A digital certificate is applied to the final document, which prevents any changes to the
document and provides rigid data integrity

9) The original document can be downloaded and sent to parties that require it

10) The document can be validated by any of those parties electronically, including
reviewing video recordings

Benefits of Online Notarization

A system such as the one proposed, solves many of the problems identified above with traditional pen-and-ink notarizations.

Better Identification

Notarizing online provides numerous ways of identifying a person: knowledge-based assessments, credit card verification, phone testing, email verification, social networks confirmation, and the traditional government ID check all provide methodologies by which to verify identities. Online notarizations can more effectively utilize multiple forms of
identification in a smooth fashion.

Superior Data Integrity
Effective digital certificates are well known to be cryptographically unbreakable. These certificates provide a way to be sure exactly when the certificate was applied and whether any modifications were made. If a single change is made to document, the seal will be rendered invalid. This can practically eliminate concerns whether someone altered the notarized document after the notarization.

More Reliable Authentication
Authenticating notarization signatures through a central, electronic repository would make authentication easy, instant, and effective. The signatures and signings can be authenticated by the digital certificate and the electronic records kept by the online signing service. In addition, if parties with a need to know are unable to get access through that repository, they still have all the tools of a pen-and-ink as a backup. This would only add a layer of authentication, not replace anything.

Audio and Video Evidence of Signing
Recorded audio-video evidence of the signing is a catch-all method for any kind of document dispute. Video recording of the signing provides a way to check the identification, awareness, and integrity of the transaction. It can be shown in a court of law, and forensic experts can be used to determine if elements of the signing seem amiss. All parties with a need to know could have access to it permanently, reducing the need to rely on memory.

Reduction of Conflict of Interest
Notaries through an online system would be randomly paired to clients and are paid through the centralized repository to ensure they are truly independent. This significantly reduces concerns of notary bias.

Standardized Quality of Process
Notaries are required by law to follow a distinct protocol each time they perform a notarization, but many cut corners. An online notarization model can force each notary who uses the system to individually mark every step in order to ensure a thorough legal notarization is completed.

Reduction of Environmental Impact
Reducing the need for physical transportation would allow notarization to be conducted in a low impact fashion. The need for printing and shipping of documents is an unnecessary burden on the environment given modern technology.

Easier for the Disabled or the Remote
Those who have trouble getting to a notary would be the first to benefit from the convenience of online notarizations. This would likely include people in remote parts of the country and the disabled, many of whom face real struggles each time they leave their homes.

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