How To Present Your Real Estate Deals To Sell Fast

If you have never heard it before, “Presentation is KEY”! I want to share with you how I stand head and shoulders above other real estate investor in getting my deals sold fast.

It is actually very simple, all you need to do is make your deal a “no brainer” for your end buyer to jump at. You need to be able to easily print or email the presentational-quality reports to investors that literally make them jump out of their seat to take action and buy your deal.

I use a very inexpensive software called the “Flipper’s & Rehabber’s Cash Flow Analyzer®”. This nifty inexpensive piece of software does everything I need ( and I mean everything) that will set you up for wholesaling success.

From the property acquisition side, the house flipping software helps you better analyze rental property flips because the investment is analyzed on a month-to-month basis, and cash-on-cash return is calculated including the projected rehab expenses.

On the property selling side, the flipping software creates incredible investor reports, from an executive summary, to a full on tax breakdown with all the advantages of buying the property. It could not be any easier. Here is some additional reasons why I love it this software. (besides you cant beat the price for what you get)

Reports can then be printed in a snap and emailed in a PDF format directly.

  • Evaluate a property on a month-to-month basis for up to 24 month
  • Analyze a property month-to-month up to 24 months
  • Determine if the property is discounted enough to make the flip worthwhile
  • Schedule up to 96 different events in the project scheduler & Gantt charts
  • See how your cash flow is affected by property improvements
  • Now you can easily budget for those expenditures
  • Includes detailed rehab costing & budgeting schedule based on national average! I love this one!!!
  • Easily email or print PDF reports for lenders and investors

The real estate & house flipping cash flow tool  is what  you’ve been searching for to help you choose the right investment properties and allows you to sell them fast with  Customizable, Presentational Investment Analysis Reports Created in MINUTES!

Now Look at the Executive Summary & Report Created

View it HERE


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