How To Price Your Rentals And Beat Your Competetion

Have you ever wondered about how much to charge for rent?   If you are an investor, then you must know if you are over-charging or under-charging.

Now you can get this information easily.  The website is

Rentometer is the easy way to compare your rent with other local properties.  I use this to analyze  rental property to see if it would be bring me a positive or negative cash flow.

Like always, I try to bring to your attention tools that will bring you the most benefit at the lowest cost.  The cost of this tool???   FREE !  Go ahead use it right away; it’s super easy.

One of the other features  coming soon is the ability to advertise your vacancies by posting directly to Rentometer. This is HUGE. Millions of tenants nationwide use this service! If you have a vacancy, plug into their user base!

Need to post a vacancy or two right now?

You can post for free for 14 days with a trial of RentometerPro. Try it now. Create a free trial account, enter your unit addresses, then create your ads with their easy to use wizard. Rentometer will auto-post to multiple sites. Post to Craigslist with great looking ads that track your performance.

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