How To Repurpose Content For Maximum Marketing Effectiveness

Repurpose-ContentHow good are you at taking one piece of content and using it in several different ways? If you are not reusing or repurposing your content you are not making the best use of your time.


Why Repurpose Your Content?

There are many benefits from taking the time to repurpose your content. At first you may find this to be a lengthy process. As you become accustomed to using these methods you will find that the process is fairly quick.

Some of the main benefits include:


  • Stops you from being a slave to your blog, you can free up time by scheduling out posts in advance.
  • Saves you money as you will not have to constantly buy new content each time you want to add new material to your site. You will save enough money that you can afford to purchase better quality content and you will know how to reuse it over and over again.
  • Provides you with GREAT value for your money, you are only buying once and can reuse your content countless times!
  • Gives you more exposure across multiple platforms and helps brand both you as an expert and your business.
  • Your new repurposed content gives you back links for your site. Great for SEO purposes and helps you rank higher in the search engines.

Best Practices for Repurposing Your Content

Use the following tips as a guideline when repurposing any type of content.

  1. Chop up and break down longer content into shorter snippets
  2. Post smaller chunks as blog posts and use for autoresponder messages
  3. Take these smaller chunks and then condensing them even further and use as content on your social media sites
  4. Use the main highlights, tips and pointers to write Tweets
  5. Add an introductory paragraph
  6. Add a conclusion
  7. Create PowerPoint slides and turn them into presentations or magazine style books by saving as a PDF
  8. Use your PowerPoint slides and turn into videos
  9. Add audio and/or music to your slides and videos
  10. Add images and graphics to your content
  • Combine 8 to 10 articles and create ready to go reports
  • Share your content on Document Sharing sites
  • Create free giveaway reports
  • Create reports that you can sell from your website
  • Create reports for your affiliates, embed with their affiliate links
  • Use your content to build Web 2.0 properties which link back to your main site


By now the benefits of repurposing should be extremely clear to you. Using the methods described  will allow you to really get the biggest bang for your buck!

While we have discussed several repurposing methods you do not have to use all of them each time. Find the ones that you enjoy doing and those which will offer the best benefits for you and then simply repeat this process multiple times.

You now have no excuses for not using any content which has been taking up space on your hard drive over the last few months or longer. Why not create two new folders for all the content you wish to reuse. Label one: Content to Use and label the second: Repurposed Content and then challenge yourself to see how quickly you can fill up the second folder!

Thank you again and have fun repurposing your content!

Duncan Wierman

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