How to Tie all your Social Media Marketing Together

Post Once – Update Everywhere

There is certainly no dearth of information online that highlights the impact of using social media for internet marketing. However, the proliferation of social networks has presented a problem of its own; there are simply too many social media sites to work on and ignoring any one could prove detrimental to your marketing strategy.

So, what can you do to simplify social media marketing? The answer is very simple; you need to devise a ‘single post’ strategy which will help you to tie down all your social marketing to one post. Here is how you can accomplish this coveted goal.

The key to effective social media marketing is to make all major social media sites work in tandem with each other. You can make this happen with the right tools in hand and you don’t have to worry too much about spending hundreds for these applications because many of them are free or available for a very low fee. So, now is your chance to capitalize on social media marketing without spending hours glued to your desk.

To begin with, draw a list of the important and popular social media networks that you intend to use. So, let’s start with a Facebook page, a MySpace page, a WordPress blog, a YouTube account, a GoodReads account, a Twitter account, a Flickr account and a Linkedin account. is a free social networking and micro-blogging web service that enables users to post to multiple social networks simultaneously. was created for the sole purpose of making it as easy as possible to share your posts with the world. Now you don’t have to fumble around the web in order to post anymore, you can just post once, and be done with it.  The idea came about when making some posts to Twitter and Tumblr. The idea of posting the exact same information in two places seemed a bit tedious, so was born.

Making an update on pushes the update to a number of different social websites at once. This allows individuals using multiple social networks to update their status only once, without having to update it in all their social media individually. groups services into three categories – status updates, blogs, and micro-blogs – and updates can be sent to each group separately.

Don’t leave multimedia behind: It is also imperative to use multimedia to your advantage while devising a social media marketing strategy. The best way to garner a lot of attention for your videos and images is to create galleries or badges on your blog or website. These multimedia snippets can then be shared with the people in your network through the social media sites; feed these images and videos to your social media pages including your profile.

Get all your social tools to work together: Depending on the type of social tools and websites that you use to establish a social media presence for your establishment, you could make all these sites and applications work in unison. For instance, in step 1, not only were social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook included but also, a social calendar and GoodReads, a book sharing site were integrated into the strategy. Facebook provides its user with an application that can be used to integrate while GoodReads can be integrated on both MySpace as well as Facebook.

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