How To Use Short Codes And Mobile Marketing

Convert on-the-go looky-loos into immediate leads—anytime and from anywhere, by giving Buyers more opportunities to view your listings at the moment they’re most interested.

Make Your Advertising Work Harder

Give Buyers and Clients instant and effortless mobile access to full property information and photos, directly from YOUR signs, print ads, flyers, bus benches and television ads. Your traditional advertising actually becomes virtually clickable and response rates more measurable.

Buyer sees your advertising, access your mobile showroom and inventory, and instantly connects with you and visits the lot!

It’s All About a Mobile Home Page and QR Codes

Buyers and Clients access your listings and your Mobile Home Page on-the-spot from wherever you advertise when they ‘text’ your personalized Go Code™ to 48696 from their mobile phones. They connect with you instantly via email, text message, a live phone call—or all three!

Traffic and leads are immediately recorded giving you increased value from your traditional advertising, and buyers connect with you instantly via email, text-message, a live phone call?or all three! Leads don’t get hotter than this!

More about How it Works

GumiyoPRO enables you to harness the power and connectivity of your Buyers’ mobile phones by reaching them and letting them reach you anytime and anywhere. You’ll give voice to the “silent salesperson” and the empty flyer box in an entirely new and effective way.


  1. Setup your account, choose a Go Code™, customize your Mobile Home page, and add your property listings to Gumiyo
  2. Place your Go Code™ on any type of advertising to drive buyers to your Mobile Home Page. Place MLS ID’s or property Street Address to drive buyers to specific listings
  3. Buyers see your advertising and text your Go Code, MLS ID’s or Street Addresses to Gumiyo’s short code (48696) to get information about you, your listings, and a link to a media-rich mobile Web page complete with photos and full descriptions
  4. Buyer receives information in a text message reply. Mobile Home Page includes full agent information, photos, messaging, and categorized links to all active listings.screens - mobile home page
  5. Every property listing includes complete descriptions and multiple photosscreens - listing
  6. Listings contain immediate way for buyer to contact you via email, text message, or live call.  All leads and visits are recorded in a Web-based control panel.screens - connects and leads
  7. Because your home page and listings are fully mobile, interested buyers don’t wait until they’re in front of a computer to get more info and they don’t have to remember a Web address. They respond right on-the-spot via email, text message, a live phone call—or all 3! Leads don’t get hotter than this!

Sign up now and get your free sign rider!

GumiyoPRO is just $9.95 per  month. Cancel at any time.  They will even ship you a FREE customized Interactive Sign Rider, a $40 value, to jump start your mobile marketing strategy!


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