I Hate Duncan Wierman – Review – Is he a Scam?

IMG_5451 It never ceases to amaze me that people who are unsuccessful are the biggest whiners and complainers.

Let’s be real.

  1. IF Real estate investing was easy – everyone would be rich.
  2. Not everyone who buys a course, or coaching program is going to be successful. That is a fact of life.People are lazy and always looking to get rich quick. They won’t do the work required because they don’t have the goals, willpower, mindset, fortitude, or burning desire to get what they want.


I can tell you that if you DO what I say, and hold yourself Responsible and accountable, you will get crazy high results.


Why do some people complain and other see the benefit of working with me?

I get both types of people.

Usually, the ones that talk the best game are the complete and utter failures.

Last week I had an excuse,  “I have so much to do and how dare you to challenge me on my time management skills.”
This was after she was three weeks of not turning in her homework assignment.
When I suggested a virtual assistant, she stated, “I know how to do it myself.”

I said, “so then why didn’t you do it”?
She QUIT as she could handle me holding her accountable because she was not responsible enough to do it herself.

Another excuse from a new student… I saw on the internet you had a bad review.
Yes,  I do from people who whine and never did the work
However, she did not look at the 100’s of GREAT reviews and success stories.
She also QUIT going to a shiny object that looks easy.
She forgets you still need the marketing training to get LEADS!


I have another student, who is a single mom, and  who has a strong desire to be independent of her ex-husband.
She wants her little girl to have a great life.
And you know what,  she is having huge success!!!

  • Two deal last month
  • Six deals closing this month
  • Six more in the works for next month

Do you know that she worked 50 good leads, and went through a few hundred more to do that!

Check out her monthly progress report she sends me >>>> https://youtu.be/wNm6Pqdqov4

She simply did what I asked her to do in a particular time frame, and she did it!
There was no whining or complaining.
Sure, she had some questions, and they were addressed.

What makes you different from her?
Determination, Desire, Goals??
I don’t know what makes you tick or how to get you off your arse, but I do know if you do what I say you will get results!

I work out everyday boxing. I HATE MY COACH.  
If I give him an excuse.. he pounds on me more.
But I never quit.
Coaches are tough.  He asks me, “How badly to you want to be better? ”
My coach is making me better and most days it’s downright painful!  I don’t care.
If  I can’t take his pounding, I won’t be able to take it anywhere else.

So,  If you want me to help you be successful and take your business to the next level.. consider my hard-core coaching.

5 People Only

If you can’t afford it, I am still here to help you within your monthly membership fee.
Maybe it’s time for a wake-up call?
Email me to set up a time to discuss how I can help you and achieve your goals faster.

Yours in success