Insider Scoop On A Band of Thieves.. Guerrilla Marketing For Your Dollars

See behind the scenes of the Commercial Foreclosure GoldRush Launch..

First, keep in mind that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has Guidelines concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. ( this means email marketing too ) Keep in mind that 99% of the people who endorsed this commercial foreclosure course NEVER did a commercial deal with the course. This course was solely promoted to you NOT on the quality of its content, but because of the amount of prizes that could be won.  DC and Karen used incentives to get other real estate (information) gurus to promote the product on a mass launch to create false hype.    This is very unethical in my opinion, and at the same time breaks the law in regards to Advertising. In short you have been scammed.

The funnier part about this is the fact that in the online forum where everyone keeps up to date with results, their was accusation of theft and not adhering to the rules to win the prizes.

First Colin Egbert, calls out Than Merrill publicly because Than has his team call up people who had sales  already credited to Colin and then tell those people if they refund it, and rather buy through the course through his affiliate link,  he will give them some incredible bonuses.

Then another promoter calls out Than Merrill, because he opened his call center the day before the launch and starts taking credit card order only on the phone to inflate his sales and stay ahead of the pack on the official opening day.

Then it comes down to opening day of the launch, and every guru  marketing this course is trying to out do each other  with bigger  “hyped up price ” bonuses,  and saying cancel your order you placed  AND rather to BUY from my link,  and I will throw in another $10,000 dollar bonus.. blah blah blah

Lets look at one example ….  One affiliate originally had 60 sales credited to him,  (which made him a winner of an Off Road Go-Cart Prize)   LOST  54 sales, and ended with 6 sales to his name.      So DC stated that he will not give the prize he had originally won  to him any longer..  That sucks..

UPDATE: Here is an interesting email from another affiliate just proving my point once again..

It goes on and on ..  There is no honor among the promoters and the top gurus with big email lists  ( and these are the people you are trusting with your real estate career ??? )

Look at the images of the winners and how much they made.  No wonder they password protect the site from public view.

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UPDATE 8/13/2010



    • Duncan Wierman
    • Duncan Wierman

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